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    Anyone seen this? Seems to be a new model of journalism where members of the public are asked to fund specific stories for investigation. Costs seem to lie between €400 and €2,500 and a good few stories on their site have already been funded.


  • Will have a proper look at that later.

  • I'm dubious about how authentic the funding is. On the day they launched there was a very odd pattern to the donations on some of the stories.. e.g. 20 identical donations of €50 on the same day etc. I see there are a couple of stories now that have 1 single backer funding €400 or €500.. who is paying that?

    Granted, it might be that in the early days they are seeding the funding themselves using credit cards just to get the whole thing up and running...

  • They've clearly been funding the first stories themselves, judging by the donation patterns. Very early days but it seems like it will be a flop. I just don't think calibre of stories we have here in Ireland is of sufficient interest or importance that the average punter would shell out a tenner or twenty quid just for one.

  • Gotta say, at a glance - some of them are just the usual rehashed hot button topics and some of them look like blog entries! Best of luck to it.