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Secret Flying app membership now FREE



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    flintash wrote: »
    I get notification with new deal every couple minutes. NOT happy! Cant figure out how to filter just one city, though I did it, still showing million notifications

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    Click the red box that says 'resubscribe' on the top of the app (ignore the 'tap this white box' message)
    Would you like to receive all secret flying deals? NO
    Tap Next
    Select Region, Cities/Countries, Both or Neither (I chose Cities/Countries)
    Tap Next
    Click Depart Country/City and drop down list Choose (For example) Ireland and wait for drop down list and choose whatever airports you want to see flights from.
    Scroll all the way to the bottom and Tap Next

    On my app there is no question ony a choice for:
    4/6 YES/NO Choose one
    Tap Next
    5/6 YES/NO Choose one
    Tap Next
    6/6 YES/NO Choose one
    Tap Next
    "You're all set."
    Tap Finish

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    Looks like they've fixed all the bugs.

    App works perfectly now on both iOS and Android.