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Tom Burke (Tenor)

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    Hi Folks,

    My father has asked me to get him the following LPs to add to his classical collection.

    • The Last Of The Great - Tom Burke,
    • Encore - Tom Burke, The Lancashire Caruso,
    • A Toast To Tom Burke
    • The Minstrel Boy
    Unfortunately, I'm having no luck at all. I did come across one on the list but it is being sold as scratched (understandable given their age) but my father wouldn't go for that :D

    Could anyone recommend an online site or even a record store here or abroad where these rare recordings could possibly be sourced? He did say he wouldn't mind them in another format too if that's all is available.

    He's an elderly man who loves/lives for his music collection. I would love to be able to make him happy with even one of the LPs on his list.

    Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.