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October 2019 Babies Club



  • Thanks again ill be sure to ring them a week in advance at least.. i hope they have mask's there as not sure what is even open in town or would they have masks. We have gloves so that is ok...

  • So how are ye all doing? We are just loving the weather here it has been a fantastic few days, felt a bit of nostalgia today our eldest just gone 2, she had so many scraps on her legs I was like ohh, but then tis a good sign that she has been out playing... Himself has been coming on great, loving his food moving up I think this week to maybe three food meals a day.. We started give him a bit of lega and he loves it but tis so messy.

    We accidentally picked up the organic version of his formula and were giving it to him laterly and jes the wind and upset out of him, just for the heads up.. It is so frotty.. Onto the 6mth formula now so hopefully that will suit him better.

    Have our vaccines booked in and checked with them, we just have to ring when we are in the carpark and then they will call us back when they are ready for us...