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Castle Forbes 1445 Shaving Cream

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    Been DE shaving for probably 3 years now. Tried everything from Cella, Proraso, TOBS, DR Harris, Geo F Trumper and a few others. Thought that Castle Forbes looked expensive and could not be worth the price surely.

    Bought a tub of the 1445 cream for the hell of it from shaving.ie

    Wow! The scent is fantastic and really natural. But the lather is magnificent! Best lather I've ever used anyway. Small quantity generated a lot of very cushioning yet slick lather. I barely felt the blade at all. Extremely cushioning. My face actually feels moisturiser after the shave too.

    Funny thing is that I only used a very small amount. It might not be that expensive in the long run.

    Might have to buy some 1445 AS now tho.....scent is fantastic.


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