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Song lyrics for a psychedelic journey of doom

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    Registered Users Posts: 13 ✭✭✭ paulhey

    Hi guys,

    Some lyrics for the above described. Let me know any opinions, criticism.

    I am sinking here sinking in
    Thin wood Man in my eyes
    Through green beaches I fall in
    I am sinking here sinking in

    Rolling back and over
    Giant blue rays coming down
    In dense white they call
    Giant blue arms calling down

    Taken through and down
    Sinking in sinking down
    Feeling separation
    Sinking in, sinking lower down

    Swallowing circles inside out
    Spinning timeless forever about
    Lines turn waves turn space
    Forever sinking in forever sinking

    I am sinking here sinking in
    Turning flat sinking in
    I am sinking
    Forever sinking in.