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Reviews on books with historical and political subjects.

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    I like to use this thread for writing reviews on books with historical and political subjects which are often intertwined.

    Maybe this might also be of interest for other readers. But it's no list about books I am about to read this year, it is a listing of books which I have read last year, or a couple of years ago and of course the ones I am currently reading. The subjects are as in the thread title mentioned of historical and political background, some are more academic others are just a story with both such backgrounds.

    The countries and cities which are covered by my selection of literature are Ireland, Dublin in particular, Scotland, Edinburgh, Irish and Scottish history and other subjects from British history. These are all my main interests.

    To start with, this is one I am about to finish:

    IRISH REBELLIONS 1798-1921 By Helen Litton

    Using eyewitness accounts, speeches and illustrative material, Helen Litton describes these most important Irish rebellions, from the United Irishmen of 1798 to the IRA of the War of Independence.

    It gives an overview about the uprisings from 1798 onwards that led to the Easter Rising and the War of Independence and Ends with it. Each chapter also has a short biography about the main characters of each uprising.