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2020 Ryder Cup

  • 03-01-2019 4:56pm
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    Apologies if there is already a thread on this, if so mods please delete.

    Press conference next week in relation to it, expect to hear Harrington named as captain.


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    Harrington is a lock it seems

    I assume Stricker will be US captain since he's a Wisconsin native

    Whistling Straits is some course, should make for a great RC venue

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    NDWC wrote: »
    Harrington is a lock it seems

    I assume Stricker will be US captain since he's a Wisconsin native

    Whistling Straits is some course, should make for a great RC venue

    It will help that the 2024 event is in New York. The Wisconsin fans might almost look respectable by comparison.

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    Presume Stricker will be US captain?

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    Paddy confirmed as 2020 Captain.

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    "I've won three majors and done a lot but taking the Ryder Cup captaincy is a different level," he said.

    "I want to find an edge to get the players to perform to best of their abilities and hopefully get a win.

    I'm really conscious that I have to find the edge and add to it. It's going to take a great deal of my time over the next two years to do it."

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    Sergio better qualify and not need a pick ;)

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    If there's a hard decision to be made, he'll not shy away from it.

    Brilliant news.

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    Going to reboot this with this week being the beginning of the european points race for qualifying.

    Still looking at getting to Wisconsin myself. Last year in France was amazing so I’d like to get to an away Ryder cup also. Add in our own man in Pádraig captaining and an amazing course, it should be a great event once again.

    Going to take a stab at the european team. I feel that there will be a few changes from France but not many. There is generally one player who is a bit unknown who gets in.

    F. Molinari

    The likes of Poults, Rafa, Hatton, wiesberger, pieters, Pepperell and Danny willett will all be in the running too. A surprise qualifier could be Rob McIntyre.

    For the US
    Brooks, DJ, Spieth, Thomas, Fowler, Reed, Bryson, Finau, Xander, Cantalay, woodland, Simpson.

    Look out for Wolf and Morikawa though

    Wouldn’t mind a Bryson v Pepperell match in the Sunday singles :D

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    Good looking line-up even with the alsorans

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    Named Karlson as his first Vice Captain

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    Another big performance from Weisberger. Should be there or thereabouts.

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    I have an access code to buy Ryder cup tickets for 2020. I don't think it guarantees you tickets just access to buy.
    Anyway I wont be going now, so if anyone wants it PM me.

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    Anyone going? I got tickets for the Friday and trying to decide where to stay.

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    McIntyre is gonna be in the mix for a European spot, has had a very good season, going well again, and can see him improving on it next year