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From a Christmas Pudding to a Christmas Cracker - Weight Loss Motivation



  • Hello, is this me 😂 Motivation is zero 😔

  • 2 x 1000+ cal gym sessions this weekend... concentrated on core region weights as my elbow is still struggling so will need the physio for definite to get back using the other weights. Lots of cardio for the time being. No damage in terms of weight gain/loss though in the 2weeks I couldn't train so that's a positive.

    "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" - Charles Dickens

  • Weighed in this morning at 90.1kg. So here we begin

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  • I've been terrible the last couple of weeks. With work, new kitchen, nights out, takeaways and haven't had a much time to do any exercise.

    Going to try and have a good November before the dam bursts early December!

  • I completely forgotten about updating these, 2 weeks ago I was away for a few days last stop before baby hence the gain but thankfully most of that gain went last week. Still only down 1lb from week 11-16 so I need to get my head in the game.

    Week 1 - 10 : -15.5lbs

    week 11: +1lb

    Week 12: -2.5lb

    Week 13: +0.5lb

    week 14: -0.5lb

    Week 15: +2.5lb (babymoon)

    Week 16: -2lbs

  • Only weighed myself yesterday after my week off (& Halloween) and was pleasantly surprised to only be up 0.5lbs despite plenty of Guinness & dinners out coupled with no gym visits in over a week. Will be taking it easy now until we get closer to the Christmas break and getting more exercise in so feeling positive enough with respect to my weight these days... my fitness is still solid too so happy enough, my golfers/tennis elbow is still getting in the way of a lot of work with the weights though which is actually getting very frustrating.

    "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" - Charles Dickens

  • My day 1 was yesterday, great intentions until it was decided that its Christmas party day. Hanging today and know I will eat badly.

    LoughC how was the babymoon? you knocked the weigh off the next week which is impressive.

  • Ah babymoon was great. Just a few relaxing nights away in a hotel with plenty of food abs wine for me 😂😂

    Topped it off with a spa day the day we were checking out.

    I imagine a lot of that gain was just bloat from the food and drink. Bloat is easy to get rid of. Plenty of water and exercise.

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  • Weigh in this morning:

    02 Nov: 90.1kg

    Week 1: 89.1kg (-1kg /2.2lbs)

    The secret? I went on a big day/night last Tuesday and had a terrible stomach ache for days. Turns out my ulcer from earlier this year never completely left and I had really aggregated it. I left it and ended up having a scare after going to the toilet so ended up getting an endoscope to confirm yesterday.

    TLDR couldn't eat for a week as there was a pain in my stomach.

  • Hope all OK. Had something similar after an unexplained trip to A&E with acute stomach pain.

  • Hope you've recovered Jude.

    I had lost a nice bit and then paused but put nothing on. Then I spent a week in covid isolation and ate loads (much of the wrong thing but what can you say when someone else is feeding you, and you're bored and miserable), but because my body was fighting the virus I still maintained my weight. Of course now that I've recovered, I need to be careful again but the bad habits are back and now I've to break them all over again. Hotel night away with littlest elf tomorrow and McDonalds has been mentioned for dinner, plus nice breakfast next morning along with movies and treats tomorrow night. I am not capable of eating healthily in such situations ☹ I will really enjoy it though😁