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AEW - All Elite Wrestling (*Spoilers for Latest Show*)



  • There's a lot of bloat in the AEW midcard. Personally i wouldn't miss any of the talents you listed there. Letting their contracts expire and simply not renewing them would be a good way for TK to trim the fat without coming across as a cut throat like Vince and his 'budget cuts'. Besides with all the upcoming WWE and ROH releases there are now a higher caliber raft of wrestlers for AEW to replenish their card with.

  • Doesn't Luther have some backstage role?

  • Nice, CM Punk vs. Lee Moriarty announced for tomorrow night.

    I love a good Signature.

  • This one will be epic, looking forward to seeing more of Lee, he was showcased really well in the tag with Matt Sydal against Lio Rush and Dante Martin

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  • Gonna be so good, Moriarty is a big Punk fan, pretty sure I read before that he's straight edge as well. Big opportunity for Taiga- style!

    His match against Comoroto on Dark last week was really good too.

  • Very confident Dynamite will be back over 1m this week. ~900k the night before Thanksgiving, when everyone is traveling home etc, is solid business. Punk and MJF will surely draw some numbers after their promo masterclass. Danielson-Hangman is also low key heating up nicely. Something in the 1.2-1.3 territory is not out if the question.

  • We get that Infinito match on Dark tonight. Looking forward to that.

  • Skye Blue is so young green but by god is she over in Chicago.

    I love a good Signature.

  • After speaking with Tony, and The Bucks/Cody & Kenny.

    Big Swole isn't renewing her contract with AEW.

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  • Interesting, I wonder where she goes now? Will she continue wrestling even?

    I found it strange she wasnt given TV time but maybe there was something else behind this that includes her not renewing her license too

  • She was crap tbh, like most of the womens division, apart from a handful. Wouldn't be surprised if she was told her contract wouldn't be renewed and this was a nice way of letting her go by letting her say she's not renewing.

    Hopefully a sign that they'll be improving the womens division and cutting the useless.

  • Feel terrible for JR! Hope he makes a full recovery.

    Please don't add Jericho or Taz to Dynamite commentary though. Excalibur and Tony will be just fine. Can't stand Jericho shouting through a whole show and even though Taz is fine on the more relaxed dark, I find him real annoying on Rampage like when he was in TNA. Don't even mention Paul Wight for the role either!

  • Ya, I never rated Big Swole as a talent when I saw her matches on Dark. She can still probably come back and do those Dark matches if needed, but she was one who wasn't really worth signing as a contract with the available women nowadays.

  • I saw discussions that she's got Crohn's Disease, which flared up a few times at the right wrong times, and impacted their ability to use her consistantly.

  • Infinito defiantly trying to hide who he is wrestling very slowly trying not to use his normal move set in anyway, I nearly got dizzy watching his airplane spin.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Hangman vs Danielson made official for Winter is Coming.

  • Are they all fighting for Britt?

  • That was a crap promo from MJF.

    PG Punk, one pump chump and I'll put your dog down. WWE-esque shìte.

    Punk is showing him up effortlessly in these face-offs.

  • That fire table got Cody worse than Andrade.

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  • Some are better heels than faces, some are better faces than heels. Bryan is perfect at both.

  • Jose being a total pro helping Arn up before continuing to beat him up :)

    I love a good Signature.

  • Only caught the first half of last night's show live, went and read reports featuring phrases like "Brandi then set the table on fire" and thought... nah....

    Some good stuff in what I did see though. MJF on commentary, absolutely masterful. They were never going to top last week's promo confrontation, so I liked MJF using his commentary spot to further the idea that Punk is past it, struggling to beat minnows. Then the slight escalation with Punk again quickly getting one-up on the mic, then looking for a fight, only for MJF to then introduce the muscle, Wardlow. Great closing shot with Punk looking bemused at what he needs to do to get his hands on this little sh**. Really nice simple story-telling. At some point you'd have to imagine MJF's comments about Brit will also lead to an angle between him and Cole somewhere down the line.

    And on Adam Cole, I'll say this out loud: I haven't seen a guy with such natural charisma since HBK. His entrance down to the ring, just to do his poses, and then loop back and sit down at the announce desk made him look like a megastar. I can't wait until a main-event programme opens up for him and we see what he can do with the likes of Punk, Danielson, MJF, etc.

    Opening segment was also decent. Hangman was a bit dry on comms, maybe not a great idea to have him do that again any time soon. But Danielson continues to excel as a heel, and the stare-down afterwards did a great job of building the match.

  • Oh and while it was a fairly rocky segment, starting off with a dead flat crowd, Lio Rush showed a nice bit of fire in his promo and actually got a little sympathy out of me.

  • Gresham was backstage last night.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Bad rating for the show last night and people asking online how could it be with Punk and Danielson advertised in matches.

    I'm sorry but it's Punk and Danielson against jobbers. Don't get me wrong, I like the company giving young guys a chance but just announcing a few days before the show it's "Punk Vs Moriarty" for no reason is just lazy. If this was a house show fair enough but Moriarty's record is 2-6 so why should people care?

    I actually thought it was a good show but this is why I think it doesn't get a better rating. Danielson at least has some storyline with dark order but the random Punk matches is just stupid booking imo.

  • I do think they overexposed both, and I wish Punk and Bryan were saved for more of the bigger special Dynamites to make them feel a bigger deal. Interest has definitely waned to an extent in both I feel and as a result, possibly a lot of money left on the table I feel in some respects.

  • Cody doing that table spot speaks volumes on his hideous ego and his desperation to get over with this smark crowd.

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  • Rolled my eyes at the internet going all "Holy shìt!" over Punk facing a jobber. Young and talented, yeah, but that's what he is.

    People don't give a toss about those kinda matches.

    Imagine Edge facing Akira Tozawa or Reggie on Raw and people trying to act like it's a big deal. Come on. Although it would probably improve Raw.