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Employer forcing me to work over Christmas



  • Nitrogan wrote: »
    If your employer is doing something illegal you should sue them. Check with professionals who know about this stuff.

    Something illegal like what?

  • Final post for me on this issue.. I agree with Mrs obumbles post that the op should get advice from her mother's gp and specialist consultant regarding her current medical situation and what is possibly ahead in terms of treatment and level of support at each stage of treatment that she would require and what level of help and care she could receive at home..
    This would be far more beneficial to the op and her mother ..other than making this a BASH the crap out of the employer thread..
    At bare minimum I think the op should have by now changed the title of her original post..
    Employer forcing me to work over Christmas....,,,,

    The op has failed to reply back to the many genuine people who have offered her very good advice..and also the few who seem intent on simply getting her sacked from her current job and in turn this will certainly impact her getting another job ...
    The op clearly stated that she needs to hold onto the job as she needs the money.. now this is quite understandable and is actually the only part of her initial post that makes sense..
    As other posters have correctly commented. Theres now a very high success rate in the treatment of breast cancer..and the op also states that her mother was only diagnosed in August ..well that's very recent and I'm sure her gp and consultant are aware that she lives alone therefore if she is in need of any special carers. Daffodil nurses etc I'm sure they would be provided quickly as and when the medical professionals determine that she needs that level of support..
    Has the op even bothered to check this out during her many days off work..between holidays. Sick leave and force majoure.. that adds up to a lot of days off over approximately 5 months max.. I honestly think the op is failing to recognize that her personal issues are of no concern to her employer and it is very wrong to keep moaning about having to work Christmas day given all the days she's taken off recently..
    Please mind your job and take swift action to speak with your mother's gp and hospital consultant..only these trained professionals can clearly advise on what care and help might be needed down the line.. its private and none of our business here on boards but for someone to have breastcancer doesn't mean its terminal and hopefully not.
    Unfortunately as per my earlier mother had cancer in another area and it was terminal. However I still had to hold down my job. Yes I also worked over Christmas when my mother was not well and a few weeks later she passed away very quickly in the end..i had called to see her on my way to work that morning and i got a phone call from the hospice at lunchtime that she was getting weaker and to return.. unfortunately I was 30 minutes drive away and she had died before i got to the hospice.. i felt fair crap over that episode but it clearly wasn't my employers fault..
    We all have decisions to make going through life but in your instance you clearly need to take a step back and re think your thoughts and actions..
    And please draw a line between your many personal issues and that of your employer..
    Have a merry xmas and please get info from gp and consultant and then plan ahead..pointless taking sick leave or carers leave at present until you actually know what your mother's prognosis is and what's required..

  • SusieBlue wrote: »
    You are suggesting that her colleagues don’t have a drop of human kindness to accommodate her family situation, amongst other things, implying they are being inconsiderate when you have no idea of their circumstances.

    Why should they cover her when they have their own family situations going on?

    You also called her boss names when by OPs own admission they were more than flexible with her annual leave and force majeur days.

    If I could thank it more than once I would.
    There seems to be an assumption that if posters advise op to avoid calling in sick we are in someway heartless to the situation or lack empathy.
    Personally, if this was my mother, no way am I coming in. Forget it. Potentially her last Christmas - no way ..
    But, there is a way of handling things in a decent way. Respect your colleagues and the company you work for who respected you enough to accommodate unpaid leave.
    At the end of the day, unfortunately, OP did not reserve leave for Christmas day and others did. I find it incredibly selfish to suggest calling in sick and co workers just pick up the slack.
    Some people keep themselves to themselves.
    How do we know the size of her team? What if there is only 2 others to cover? And what If both of them have sick relatives but it is not public knowledge?
    For all we know management are aware of other staffs commitments, every bit as serious as OPs.
    If we all lived by the every-man-for-himself rule that some have advised nothing would ever get done.
    Don't go in.
    But advise management in advance.

  • I don't know what security company you work for but I'm working Christmas day too and I'm getting triple pay and I'm also working Stephens day and getting double pay for that! I was also asked only 2 weeks ago if I could work those days, IV used all my holidays up this year already but was still giving a choice to work or not! I work for a very prominent security company too, one of the biggest in Ireland, the site I'm on is 24/7 too!

    To be honest if I where you I'd call my operations manager and tell him it's impossible for you to work that day and that they will have to find someone else to cover your shift Christmas day! Tell them that's the way it is and if they don't get someone else in there won't be anyone there! I always have to put me foot down every now and then when they try to force me to do shifts or sites I don't want to do! Sure you'd get another job in a week in security, there's not not enough people in the industry and their crying out for people! I'm single with no kids!

  • I would be among the more conservative on here and say that you should work the day, make arrangements for your mother and then spend your days off with her. Your job necessitates someone working those kind of shifts so it can't be too surprising you have to work an awkward shift after them being so fair to you so far.

    But I think you want to go the other route. If so may as well go all in and tell them to stick their job up their holes. Then look for a new job in January.

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  • A lot of advice from both sides of the fence here.

    Let us know what you decided to do in the end O/P.

    Happy Christmas

  • But I think you want to go the other route. If so may as well go all in and tell them to stick their job up their holes. Then look for a new job in January.

    Reading the whole situation as described by Op, I suspect that's what her employer is hoping for.

  • Currently half way through a 24hr shift so not due to finish until.12 noon tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and get on with it OP. Your personal circumstances are nothing to do with your employer

  • Currently half way through a 24hr shift so not due to finish until.12 noon tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and get on with it OP. Your personal circumstances are nothing to do with your employer

    Thats bollox its illegal to work those kiind of hours.Hope they are paying for your taxi home and your not driving after that. Well your so right it has nothing to do with the employer but with an attitude like that the employees wont give a rats arse about the company get what you give.
    I once worked in a company where a collegue died and not everyone who worked directly with him was allowed to go to the funeral as it was during working hours. Some worked with the guy years. I left soon after. Its all about money just **** the people.

  • Currently half way through a 24hr shift so not due to finish until.12 noon tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and get on with it OP. Your personal circumstances are nothing to do with your employer

    I agree with the above. However, in these circumstances you realise you are just a number. A means to an end and no matter how well they were with force majeur leave etc there is no way in hell I would give up my (potential) last Xmas with any family member.
    I totally appreciate the ops position.. But the moment they tell me (with a sick mother who would be alone on Xmas) that I have to work, is the moment they get my notice. No job is worth it.

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  • I work in Security, the site im on has to be manned 24/7.
    Ive already used all my holidays plus a few unpaid days & a couple days of force Majeure leave, I pretty much have nothing left to take off and thats what their saying

    Does the security firm you work for start with an S and end with a Y??

  • Would love to know what the OP decided to do today?

    I am writing these from my desk in work, I also have to come in but not forced to.

  • Mod:
    Thread is locked as the original issue is resolved one way or the other. Multiple people on this thread needs to take a big step back and consider how they are posting going forward or they will be facing bans from the forum for aggressive posting esp. with the not so subtle digs at the other side.

    IrishGirl18; if you wish to add a final post on how things turned out and what you decided to do you can PM me to unlock the thread again or simply PM me the post you wish to be posted.

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