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Ucd vs tcd medicine

  • 30-11-2018 8:22am
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    Hi all so I'm a 5th year student and I'm pretty dead set on studying medicine in Dublin. I was never really a fan of rcsi (great for others but just not for me) so I am currently trying to decided what I would be interested in ucd or tcd. My hope is to get matched to a residency in USA afterwards. so which university would make that easier and be more internationally recognised enough to allow me to even have a bit of an edge? I understand that other factors play an important part but literally just even the tiniest edge.
    Also when it comes to facilities and ease (well as easy as it can get) of learning the material, which one would top?
    Thanks a million I really like having a goal to work towards as it seems to make study sooooo much easier


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    Might be better ask this in Health Sciences Education.
    Not really a Leaving Cert. query.

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    Hi there, I’m a current Trinity Med and have lots of friends in UCD. It seems you have RCSI written off but from what it seems, they have the best international reputation (not the best reputation within Ireland). They are also more focused towards the USMLEs which are the exams that you must do if you want to work in the USA as well as research opportunities which are all important for applying to US programmes. UCD and Trinty would probably have very similar reputations in that regard.

    In terms of course content, it seems that Trinity is a good bit harder for preclinical years because they do in 2 years what UCD does in 3 and a half. Clinical years appear to have similar workloads in both colleges (Trinity might be slightly easier). It sounds like you are very goal driven though so you would probably be fine. I’ve noticed that students in UCD are better able to strike a work-life balance and seem to be less stressed which might come into your decision. UCD get longer time off. For me, the main plus in Trinity is having more time in the hospital setting which has been the best part so far.
    Also consider ease of access to the hospitals. UCD’s main hospitals are Cincents and the Mater. Trinity’s are James’ and Tallaght. How easy it is to access these will make a big difference to you down the line.
    Hope this helps. Feel free to shoot me a message if you need.

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    Five or six years, big difference. TCD wins.
    Sporty? UCD better, fields, pool, gym etc.
    Commuting via city centre, TCD better.
    Shot at a Scholarship, TCD better.
    International, no difference.
    Don't be too smug about points, take what you get and make it work for you, even if it's grad entry.