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Training advice / Critique please

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    Hi All,

    Had a look over the many resources here on the boards and would like to get some advice on training for the Mallorca 312 in 2019 please.

    For the last year I have consistently trained as below:
    Mon : Rest/maybe 5km run
    Tues: 0530 Strength & Conditioning (Legs) 0630 HIIT spin class
    Wed: Rest
    Thur : 0530 Strength & Conditioning (Chest & Shoulders) 0630 HIIT spin class
    Fri : 0530 Strength & Conditioning (Back & Triceps) 0630 HIIT spin class
    Sat : Rest
    Sun : 75-100km bike ride - pretty decent pace, mixed terrain climbing, fast flats etc

    The S&C classes are a small group with a very good PT and I am really please with my progress both in strength and fitness.

    Myself and another few lads are aiming at the Mallorca 312km, what I am thinking of changing is the Saturday to another cycle and keep the Sunday too, I wondered if I should consider commuting into work on the bike one day too, that would bring the weekly cycle KM total to about 270-300km.

    I am conscious of over training, but I really don't want to mess with the structure of what I have as I am sticking at it and enjoying it - I am coming from a base of being 124kg at one stage and I'm a bit worried about changing things in case I fall back into old habits!

    I am already spending a fairly significant amount on gym membership and bike related rubbish, so I really don't have the money for a cycle coach too!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    Many thanks



  • Hey,

    I presume your goal is just to get around it & be able to enjoy a meal afterwards?

    There is great training advice out there, but what most people forget is that you have to enjoy what you are doing. I can come along & give you a brilliant program, changing everything you currently do & you`ll fly through the 312. However you might hate the rigid structure of bike only training.

    If you are enjoying what you are currently doing stick with it, but I would advise adding a Saturday cycle. Maybe in the new year start adding a mid week cycle (get good lights, not cheap). The distance of these does need to build as the event approaches.

    Commuting to work by bike is a great idea, go the long way home if possible.

    The 312 is essentially an endurance event (with quite a few hills), getting as much saddle time as possible is your best bet. Get up hills if you can & try to keep your weight down.

    Mainly just enjoy what you do.

  • Hey LCD

    That sounds like good advice! We recently did the Equinox which is about 230km in a day, it was fairly flat and not windy,. but I saw a huge difference in my performance on the bike from the strength work, I think that I am going to follow your suggestion and add in the Saturday cycle and try to add a midweek spin or a couple days of commute (58km round trip) or maybe even a dreaded turbo session to keep the mileage up!

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it!


  • April is early in the year for 300km plus,,especially with 5000m climbing. You'll need to get out in some iffy weather to get your mileage in.

    I'd be inclined to commute to some degree as some weekends will probably be write offs with weather. In general try and get out Sat & Sun. Try and get a 200 or two in legs come February/March

    I'd also look to periodization with regard to training. I'm all for weight work in gym but closer to event 2 short sessions with more bike would be a good idea. You'll have to figure out the switch over yourself. I'd be inclined to cut run. If training load gets too much don't be afraid to rest more and always prioritise sleep.

    I think you have 14hrs to do event; spend as much of that on bike as possible and less faffing around at stops. As an example I rode a hard 300km with 4000m in Kerry twice with a very small group (2-4 depending) and did it quicker by going slower and stopping less the 2nd time and importantly finished way fresher. I was probably fitter the first time to.

    On the road for 300km, steady riding at YOUR pace is key. Stay out of the red in terms of effort. Ride conservatively for first few hours, you can always up pace if feeling fresh/strong with 50-100km to go. Mentally don't think of the 312 too much break it up in to shorter 6 50km cycles or whatever.

    Ride in group as much as possible as long as you are not being put in red by doing so. Get as much group riding in before you go as possible so you are comfortable

    On fueling, you might be 1/3 rider who can get around on gels/bars etc (and therefore have more options) but in general its a good idea to train your body to ride on real food/body fat as much as possible. The biggest reason for failure on endurance events is GI distress.

    Enjoy it as much as possible and don't worry if you haven't everything done you planned or whatever some other random rider tells you they have done. I've done 20 plus rides 300km or over and thoroughly enjoyed them all bar one, with varying levels of fitness. The main thing you need is being comfortable with the idea that this will be a long sometimes challenging day; if the mind leads the body will follow.

    Mallorca is a lovely island for the bike. Palma is a great town for food a few drinks if you get a chance also.

    Some of the best riding in Mallorca (other than mountains in west) is the Cami roads; it's their version of boreens. Ideal for a leg loosener or relaxing recovery spin if there for more than weekend. You might need to be able to navigate or like getting lost to fully enjoy it