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Metalireland RIP..



  • RIP to all the forums I lurked or sheepishly posted in over the last 13 years. Good bye to all the fans, fragile mods, psychos and and occasional very sound people that made up each little island community. Nno where else on the web had that concentration of smelly irish rockers with smelly irish opinions as MI though. I'll miss reading about shady gig promoters or how backpacks are ruining the scene or the ****e flame wars between lads I can only imagined were carbon copies of each other IRL and would've been best friends in different circumstances.

    I won't miss getting excited over gig dates that had been put in the wrong calendar year, which happened a few times. I did see some great gigs thanks to that site though and learned about Bolzer there so for that I'll always be thankful.


  • There's a new Irish metal site online.