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    Raise you a sore knee, sore hip and a sore ass!!! Am niggle city myself at the minute to.

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    OOnegative wrote: »
    Raise you a sore knee, sore hip and a sore ass!!! Am niggle city myself at the minute to.

    I hear ya! Hamstring tear, foot stress fracture and hip flexor strain. Taking S&C seriously now, like ReeReeG! Upgrade of foam roller ordered, KBs and DBs dusted down. Yoga frequently...

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    Thursday 9 July
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:16 (2:04.7, 181 watts), HRR 61%
    AM: Strength 30mins inc 2x Rounds of 21-15-9 & 8min core
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:17 (2:04.7, 181 watts), HRR 66%
    PM: Yoga Salutations 20mins

    Session #1
    The hip felt a bit looser on the morning row so the S&C and stretching helped yesterday. I need to keep it up. Holding a steady 180 watts. Good warm up for the strength session, a proper one. No more going through the motions :cool:

    21-15-9 a standard crossfit session. Basically 21 reps of legs, 21 reps of upper body, 15/15, 9/9 etc... no rest, for time. 2x rounds of:
    21 Reps
    8 Dumbell thusters (20kg DBs) , 7 Kettlebell backwards Lunge with knee drive (Each Leg), 6 Burpees
    21 Reps
    8 Kettlebell swings (16kg KB), 7 push ups, 6 pull ups
    15 Reps
    6 Dumbell thusters, 5 Kettlebell backwards lunge with knee drive, 4 Burpees
    15 Reps
    6 Kettlebell swings, 5 push ups, 4 pull ups
    9 Reps
    4 Dumbell thusters, 3 Kettlebell backwards lunge with knee drive, 2 Burpees
    9 Reps
    4 Kettlebell swings, 3 push ups, 2 pull ups

    Set 1 in 9:50 - cautious on the burpees to mind the foot. 60sec rest to next set
    Set 2 in 9:26 - sweat pouring, wasted no time one exercise to the next
    Followed by 8mins: 4 rounds of 1min plank/1min abs, no rest... the BURN! Quality workout that I will undoubtedly feel tomorrow! The Thrusters and pull ups were the toughest bits.

    Session #2
    Took the rower out on to the decking to do this one under the sun. 66% HRR vs 61% HRR for the same steady 180w power. The sun was warm and my body was still trying to recover from the earlier strength session. Had to take a little break before the yoga as I was simply too sweaty to hold the poses on the mat!


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    Friday 10 July
    AM: Yoga 20mins
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy (180w), HRR 61%
    PM: Row 9,872m inc 4x 4min Lactate Threshold, max HRR 89%

    Firstly a run update: Got my first haircut in 4 months this morning, yay :) 10mins walk and 2min jog and likewise on the way home :D It was very very easy, flat foot heel strike careful kinda running but it was running! I wasn't going to get more shoes, least of all drop €170 on another pair of NB 1080v10 but despite barely getting 300m out of the last pair, they were easily the most cushioned pair of runners I've worn. So, with some very easy recovery running on the horizon, I thought I'd need all the cushioning I could get. So, another pair of NB 1080v10s en route!

    The yoga and row this morning was a nice way to start the day in the sunshine before breakfast. It was a cracking morning for a run though.

    The LT session later was a bit spicier. I really enjoyed it. After 10mins warm up it was into 4x 4min reps aiming for 249 watts and 2mins active recovery. It was at a higher stroke rate than the easy stuff, 24 spm and I found a nice strong groove in the sweet spot (working hard but not red lining it). The pieces were at 252w, 254w, 256w, 255w respectively so nice work. On the final piece I hit 89% HRR, literally just under Lactate Threshold :D Ending the session at the end of the sweet spot felt good. I got as much out of the session as I could without redlining. Quality workout.

    Kcal deficit on the MyFitness app the last 3 days. I'm being very mindful about my diet, while still fueling myself. I weighed in at 80.5kg last weekend...


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    Saturday 11 July
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:06 (183w), HRR 67%
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 32:56 (186w), HRR 64%
    PM: Strength 30mins, 3 rounds of 21-15-9

    Felt tired and sluggish on the morning row but still got it done before breakfast. The later row was a warm up for the crossfit workout. The 3 rounds were all out with a minute rest. 6:25, 6:21, 6:17... just pushed harder and harder. Tough session but felt good :)
    54 Deadlifts (40kg)
    45 DB Thrusters (40kg)
    36 Reverse lunges, x2 (16kg)
    54 KB swings
    45 Push ups
    36 Pull ups

    Then 7min abs as 2min plank, 20 crunches, 1min plank, 15 crunches, 30sec plank, 10 crunches, 15 sec plank, 5 crunches... toasted!

    Sunday 12 July
    Row 21,097m in 1:25:45 (193w), HRR 71%

    Body a little tendor for this half marathon but got it done and in a new PR :) Sub 86! Power increased from 186w last week to 193w this week but I was wrecked afterwards. Partly just because I went harder, but also I was a bit fatigued for this. I've trained 21 days in a row now, mostly twice a day too.

    Total for the week: 11hr22
    Running: 0hr10
    Rowing: 129,769m (81 miles) in 8hr14 and got my lifetime 3 million meter club cert from Concept 2 :)
    S&C: 1hr32
    Yoga: 1hr40

    Objectives for this week
    • Continue the rowing volume
    • 2x crossfit workouts and 2x calisthenics
    • more regular yoga
    • another gentle run tester maybe 5-10mins if the foot is good.
    • continue the diet focus on MyFitnessPal - learned I'm not getting enough carbs or iron this week. The iron particularly is interesting as my be a catalyst for the constant cramps I get.


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    Monday 13 July
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 35:51 (144w), HRR 64%
    PM: Run 1.41m in 13mins :)
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:35 (147w), HRR 51%
    PM: S&C 30mins

    First up.. some running! Just a small lap around the block and the local trail, very easy, very cautiously. Foot not perfect but not uncomfortable either. It was a little sore afterwards so I know that its not ready to progress. Perhaps I'll try another short lap on Wednesday. Felt great to be out, even if it was sticky and humid, smelling the rain and the trees.

    The evening row was lower effort than this morning but the rower bluetooth tends to drop the heart rate for some funny readings. This morning was lower than 64% HRR and this evening was actually higher that 51% HRR. I received a nice seat cover order today to funk up the concept 2 :)

    The S&C was calisthenics, keeping the overall effort easy today.
    3 rounds nonstop of
    15 reverse lunge with knee drive, each leg
    15 squats
    15 calf raises, each leg
    15 hip hinge and hold
    15 push ups
    15 crunches



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    Tuesday 14 July
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:04 (147w), HRR 60%
    PM: Row 5x500m hard off 3min (328w), HRR 93%
    PM: S&C 30mins: Calisthenics

    Easy row all good.
    Interval row, tough but enjoyed it. 328 watt avg was more than expected. 1:43.9, 1:42.2, 1:41.7, 1:41.6, 1:41.4... solid set of reps. S&C was sweaty afterwards.

    Foot ok today but not ready yet.


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    Wednesday 15 July
    AM: Yoga 44mins
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:06 (183w), HRR 61%
    PM: Row 10,000m Steady in 40:13 (200w), HRR 71%

    I know, I know more rowing updates :( But hey, I'm on the running injured list so I'm doing what I can. Stick with me :o The morning session was easy after a longer yoga session. Felt a bit sleepy and my little girl asked me a flood of questions on the mat, making hard to hear Adrienne.

    Later after a long work day, a 10k. Not for time, although it was close to sub40! It was a steady effort rate 16 for 2k, then up to rate 22, back to 16, up to 22, back to 16 for the last 2k. Pushing 180w at rate 16 would be like doing 8 minutes of leaps during a run. Tougher than it said on the tin!

    A new pair of NB 1080v10s arrived today, which are lovely. I might try them out on Friday.


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    Thursday 16 July
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:12 (182w), HRR 63%
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 32:45 (189w), HRR 57%
    PM: 30min Strength and a wee jog

    The difference a big bowl of porridge makes! This morning for the usual easy pre-breakfast row I felt ragged. My calves had been cramping during the night and before my alarm went off I awoke, stretched out and when I pointed my right toes, the right calf locked in a viscous paralyzing cramp. I nearly woke the house :( Even after stretching it was tendor. Overall a poor night sleep and a horrible way to wake up. I really struggled on the rower. Very laboured effort.

    I hopped back on at lunch time with bundles of energy. Fueled with porridge and coffee. Dished out another 8k with more power and lower heart rate. It was the warm up for a short strength session out on the decking under the sun.

    Strict Press Ups to fail, 5 efforts with a minute rest between
    32, 13, 10, 9, 7 for total of 71 press ups (jelly arms)

    Tabata air squats. 8x 20sec full tilt/10 sec rest
    16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16 for a total of 128 squats (jelly quads)

    30 Dumbbell Dead lifts, 30x 16kg Kettle bells swings then 20x of each, then 10x, no rest for a total of 60 dead lifts and 60 swings... wiped

    4 minutes on the mat for abs and the last 3 minutes running around the garden on wet grass in bare feet which felt lovely and cool and no foot issues :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,628 ✭✭✭ ReeReeG

    Jesus that strength session...! I'd be in a heap for a week I reckon!

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    Friday 17 July
    AM: Easy 3.47m @8:52, HRR 56% :)
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:09 (183w) HRR 62%
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:20 (179w) HRR 64%
    PM: 15mins S&C: Calisthenics

    A run! Not just a 5-10min shuffle but a whole half hour :) First run in my second pair of NB 1080v10 and the use case is exactly what it is. Max cushion neutral shoe. Ready to run straight out of the box and loads of cushion. A misty rain soon had me soaked as I approached the lights to turn back for the 10 mins. For a moment I had forgotten my foot and that was a sure sign to extend a little. I brought the pace to a easy running pace and completed the bones of 5k. I did feel a little heat from the foot through the shoe but it was absorbed by the fresh foam x. Walking around in my bare feet for the rest of the day and the foot felt ok. My middle toes were a bit stiff from a half hour of toeing off I guess but otherwise good. Its not a green light to run every day but I might head out again for another short one this weekend. I'll stick with the max cushion too as I feel the road feel from the Boston 8s would be risky.

    Later after work I hopped on the rower for the usual easy row but I was determined to stick to target pace. The 8k is broken down to 4x 2k and the targets are 2:05 per 500m and 20 strokes per minute. It took some sweaty focus but pleased with the result :)

    2k @2:05.0 rate 20
    4k @2:05.0 rate 20
    6k @2:05.0 rate 20
    8k @2:05.0 rate 20 :)

    Onto the mat for a single set of Cals: 20x, Reverse lunges with knee drive, squats, calf raises, forward lunges, hip hinges, press ups, sit ups, plank & stretches.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,043 ✭✭✭ healy1835

    Mike, your work ethic and attitude to dealing with an injury/niggle is an example to anyone who might be in the same boat.

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    Saturday 18 July
    AM: 24mins Yoga Salutations
    AM: Row 8,000m SS in 31:27 (214w) HRR 70%
    PM: Off

    Thanks J :) In fairness I've made all the mistakes. Like a 5 day Adventure Race with broken ribs :o Or rushing back to sessions after a hamstring tear, only to injure myself again. The main thing that has changed with my attitude is I listen to my body. I've always been positive to just get on with what I can but not necessarily disciplined to slow down and listen.

    SS = Steady State. Up a gear or two from easy. Started around 200 watts and slowly built it to 220w by the end. A good tough steady piece burning 500+ kcals and sweating buckets. I was going to do a strength workout this evening but am a bit fatigued. The body wants a feed and sleep.

    The middle toes on the injured foot were giving me a bit of grief during the yoga salutations. I've basically been in my bare feet all day again running around after the kids.

    It was just a half hour very easy run yesterday but it has been on my mind all day. I'm really enjoying the rowing and the body feels good from the strength work but it simply felt wonderful to be out in the rain running. It didn't feel like a slog after a few week not running because I've kept moving, kept the heart and lungs working. A simple half hour recovery pace planned again tomorrow but the sun will be out and I can't wait :)

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    Sunday 19 July
    AM: Row 21,097m in 1:28:13 (177w) HRR 70%

    So the run didn't happen today :( Had a day out planned with the family so I woke up early to get the half marathon row out of the way. Nice session out on the decking in front of a rising sun. A long row pre breakfast so I dialed it back a bot from last week. Last few kms I was hungry. A stack of American blueberry and banana pancakes and we headed off. A day of walking and chasing the kids later and my foot was a bit tendor. Easy decision.

    Overall a couple of testers this week were ok but with a lot of rest the foot feels fine. Still, keeping the engine ticking over and some consistency on the supplementary work.

    Total for the week: 12hr04
    Running: 4.88 miles in 0hr48
    Rowing: 112,309m (70 miles) in 7hr48
    Strength: 0hr30
    Calisthenics: 1hr48
    Yoga: 1hr10

    Objectives for this week
    Continue the rowing volume and go for a HM PR
    2x crossfit workouts and 2x calisthenics
    introduce resistance bands to the S&C
    more regular yoga
    maybe a little more easy running on rested legs only


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    Monday 20 July
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:55 (143w)
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:35 (148w)
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:50 (144w)
    PM: S&C 18mins

    2x Early recovery 8ks feeling good. Then later in the evening as the sun went down and the kids were headed to bed, I stole a peaceful 3rd 8k recovery. Super easy, super relaxing outside with plants, trees, birds and just the rhythmic whirr of the flywheel every stroke. 24k for the day plus 15mins on the mat :) Unfortunately I forgot about my foot running around the garden with my youngest and hurleys. Happy times but my foot ached later in the evening :(

    Tuesday 21 July
    AM: Row 8,000m Easy in 32:49 (188w)
    PM: Row LT Ladder 37:00 (224w)
    PM: S&C: HIIT 15mins to fail
    PM: Yoga 20mins Salutations

    Woke up and foot felt fine again. So frustrating. I want to run but its a 6-8 weeks thing really. This is week 4.

    Tougher session today. A short but tough ladder. Each rep harder.
    30sec on, 30 off (267w)
    1min on, 1min off (270w)
    2min on, 2min off (271w)
    4min on, 4min off (275w)
    2min on, 2min off (282w)
    1min on, 1min off (291w)
    30sec on, 30 off (303w)

    As if that didn't make me sweat enough, a 15min HIIT workout to follow.
    EMOM - every minute on the minute you do 2 of the 3 exercises
    5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats

    If you finish in 45sec you get 15 sec rest to the next minute. Sounds simple and easy but 5minutes in you are already working. 10mins and you are suffering and getting no rest. By round 15 I failed to do 10 push ups in the minute.

    Overall in 15 minutes... toasted!
    50 pull ups
    100 push ups
    150 squats


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    Wednesday 22 July
    PM: Row 16,000m Steady State in 1:03:06 (211w) HRR 71% (max HRR 89%)
    PM: Yoga 28mins

    Wow this was tough. Not like the intervals yesterday but steady state cardiac drift. Kept the power over 200w and I was feeling it after 15 minutes. Went through 10k sub40 (39:31) which checks that goal off for the month. That brought me into Z4 where I stayed for the remaining 23 minutes edging closer and closer to lactate threshold. 23 minutes of "work" after a sub40 10k. I stubbornly held onto the power, finishing the last 2k at 215w. My daughter said I was a like a cloud raining sweat onto the floor! My youngest chimed in that ducks could swim in the pool of sweat :D

    No doubt I was a bit fatigued from the ladder workout and the HIIT yesterday. Just a stretchy yoga session with Adrienne for later and that will be it for today.

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    Thursday 23 July
    AM: Yoga 46mins
    AM: Row 8,000m Progression in 33:14 (147w-232w) HRR?
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:20 (179w) HRR?
    PM: Strength 34mins

    Session 1
    Easy stretchy yoga followed by a short row. Went through the easy gears then steady and finished last 2k at a tempo. Worked up the appetite for breakfast :)
    1k 147w
    2k 156w
    3k 170w
    4k 175w
    5k 186w
    6k 193w
    7k 205w
    8k 232w

    Session 2
    Easy 8k row as warm up holding exact 2:05/500m splits. I've ordered a new HRM. Mine has given up the ghost. Seems the Garmin HRM Runs last about 3 years :confused: Then into the strength workout, 2min rest between sets

    Strict Push ups to fail 5 efforts with a minute rest (jelly arms and shoulders)
    34, 14, 12, 9, 9

    Tabata air squats 8x 20sec on/10sec off (Jelly legs and dizzy)
    16, 16, 16, 16, 17, 17, 18, 19

    30-20-10 - 30 of each, then 20, then 10, no rest
    Deadlift 2x 20kg DB
    Swings 16kg Kettlebell

    78 push ups
    135 squats
    60 deadlifts
    60 kettlebell swings

    Wasted after it! After the first set up push ups to fail your arms are jelly doing the next 4 sets. On the Tabata squats it was pain cave after 4 reps and then I just went for it. Had to sit down after I finished as my legs gave way. 2mins rest evaporated before I picked up the dumbells for the 30-20-10. Legs screaming, lungs screaming. 10mins on the mat was a test of will not to curl up into the fetal position :cool: The foot got through it all no problem but its still not ready for running.


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,414 ✭✭✭ sideswipe

    You’re discipline and dedication while injured is unreal M!! I’m wrecked just reading this log, fair play.

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    Friday 24 July
    AM: Run 2.77m in 24mins
    AM: Row Recovery 8,000m in 35:58 (143w) HRR?
    PM: Row Recovery 8,000m with hard finish in 35:13 (152w) HRR?
    PM: Calisthenics 20mins

    The important update: I ran today. 24 minutes in some serious sticky air. The foot held up but was certainly not fresh or ready for pounding. I wore the max cushioned NB1080v10 again. After a mile I hit a local trail and met my neighbour walking his dog. I walked with him for a few minutes forgetting about my foot. Felt fine walking. Then jogged back home. I was tempted to do another loop but it was tender enough to remind me not to take even 1% progress for granted. I got a new HRM Run HR monitor today so interested to see if it makes a difference. I was getting sick of no HR readings the last week.

    Now the verdict: I was in this situation same time last week. Completed a careful half hour then feeling good. My foot was a little uncomfortable that evening especially the toes. I had intended to try again on Sunday but a whole day of walking and hiking with the kids had me on the coach with the foot up. So no running again this week but keeping the heart beating and the muscles moving.

    The foot feels fine walking around and after the S&C. A bit better than last week. I may even try again Sunday. Its not a green light though. Just need to take it a day at a time when I do go out. A few weeks recovery left at least, the foot heals slowly.

    The 2nd row today was nice and relaxed for 7k, then holding the low stroke rate of 18, I piled on the power for the last km reducing my average 4:30 kms down to a final 3:50. Well warmed up for the mat.

    A lighter S&C session but still proper. 20mins as 2 full rounds of:
    20 forward lunges (each leg)
    20 air squats
    20 reverse lunge with knee drive (each leg)
    20 air squats
    20 calf raises (each leg)
    20 hip bridges
    20 press ups
    20 sit ups

    Good cardio conditioning workout. It was zero rest and my quads were still smarting from the tabata intervals yesterday. I'll give the S&C a break tomorrow as I want to finish July with a half marathon PR. I remember the 1:25:45 was tough so I'll need juice to beat it. Thanks for reading!


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    healy1835 wrote: »
    Mike, your work ethic and attitude to dealing with an injury/niggle is an example to anyone who might be in the same boat.

    “Same boat”, all that rowing :)

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    Feet and toes heal slowly Tbl... mind yourself!

    Saturday 25 July
    AM: Row Easy 8,000m in 33:03 (188w), HRR 62%
    AM: Row Tabata intervals (406w), 4mins pain
    PM: Row Easy 8,000m in 33:19 (180w), HRR 61%

    Just ticking over today. Sandwiched between a couple of easy 8k rows was a snappy tabata set. 8x20sec on/10sec off. Full tilt. Managed to average over 400w and nearly puked.

    Sunday 27 July
    AM: Row Half Marathon 21,097m in 1:23:18 PR (211w), HRR 77% :D
    PM: Run Easy 3.78m @8:30, HRR 60% :)

    The 2 key objectives for the week hit on the same day :)
    1. The half marathon row. I set out to chase my PR of 85:45. Settled quickly into a 200w pace. After the first 4k I was 10 secs up and closer to my all time PR of 84:22. I just kept going. Low rate, good power, fueled with a big bowl of porridge and a peanut butter and banana bagel. Through 10k in 39:35 and I was working. I remembered how I felt for 16k at this pace during the week and knew I had to plug in for some hurt.

    I just kept pushing, digging deep with 5k to go. Through the second 10k in 39:28 and I was negative splitting a big PR if I could hang on for the last km. I finished strong at at 89% HRR, right on the lactate threshold limit and in a new all time PR of 83:18!! :eek::D I'd have punched the air if I could lift my arms. Chuffed with that. Its faster than I've ever gone for a HM running or rowing.

    2. A run! After the tester on Friday I was hoping the foot would rest and feel good enough to run Sunday. It did and I ran easy for 30 mins :) It was by no means fresh and ready for everyday pounding or intensity but it felt ok easy running. It felt great to turn for a country mile loop rather than turn home. Also, running up a hill on Rosbrien Road for the first time in over a month and my quads felt noticeable stronger, despite the half marathon row this morning! It was humid and I even ran up a sweat. Arrived home happy but not over excited. The foot feels fine since but the heat was there running. Progress!

    Overall a solid week of aerobic work, some intensity, conditioning and a big rowing PR. Happy with that. Nice to have the heart rate back again too.

    Totals for the week: 12hr48
    Running: 6.55m in 0hr56
    Rowing: 126,994m (79 miles) in 8hr51
    Calisthenics: 0hr38
    Strength: 0hr49
    Yoga: 1hr34

    Objectives for this week
    The rowing may get a break for a couple of days as I am taking the kids down to the coast. I'll bring my mat and the dumbells/kettlebells to keep up the conditioning. From a Run POV I''ll aim for a short easy run every other day, as long as the foot rests and recovers in between. If it doesn't or feels worse running, I'll back off immediately.


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    Monday 27 July
    AM:Row 60mins Easy 13,548m (149w) HRR 52%
    PM:Row Easy 8,000m in 33:13 (181w) HRR 61%

    Just rowing today. 21.5k of it. On the scale at 79.9kg. Disappointing after a month and 45hrs of training. Perhaps a bit more muscle but at least I haven't gained weight while injured. Hopefully more of a running update next...


  • Registered Users Posts: 6,433 ✭✭✭ ThebitterLemon

    Monday 27 July
    AM:Row 60mins Easy 13,548m (149w) HRR 52%
    PM:Row Easy 8,000m in 33:13 (181w) HRR 61%

    Just rowing today. 21.5k of it. On the scale at 79.9kg. Disappointing after a month and 45hrs of training. Perhaps a bit more muscle but at least I haven't gained weight while injured. Hopefully more of a running update next...


    Scales don’t always tell the full story, do you measure your waist?


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,751 ✭✭✭ Laineyfrecks

    It has already been mentioned here, your attitude to your injury has been brilliant! A great example for anyone else...Keep the chin up :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,208 ✭✭✭ shotgunmcos

    Tbl good call! No I don't usually measure myself but I do recall checking my waist when I started using FitnessPal about a month ago. I didnt realise but seems I lost an inch off it since! Nice one!

    LaineyFrecks thank you! I was really enjoying the running when I got injured so the motivation was there to stay as fit as I could so the transition back won't suck. It also helps that there are no events so no pressure of rushing back. All going well, I'll get running fit and will finish this year on a high in mud with a XC team.


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    Tuesday 28 July
    AM: Row 3x5min LT intervals (19min 5k pace)
    PM: Run 20min Beach barefoot

    Next target on the rower is to target a 19 minute 5k. The morning session, before I headed to the beach with the kids for a couple of day, was 3x 5min reps to see how the pace felt. I got through the reps fine but over cooked a little. 19min 5k is 1:54/500m or 240 watts. I average 1:51.9 (249w) and didn't feel I could sustain that for 19mins :rolleyes:

    Later, fun at the beach on a lovely sunny day. While my brother occupied the kids I went for a short run up and down the beach on hard wet sand. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Being careful to avoid shells and stones it was my first time on the midfoot since June. Nice and easy but after 10min I started to fatigue and dropped lower to me heels. By 15min both balls of my feet were burning. By 20min I had enough. Barefoot gave me a good sense for where I am with the recovery and bottom line is not there yet.

    Wednesday 29 July
    AM: Yoga 40mins

    Early morning yoga accompanied by 4 kids in a mobile home. The laughter :D

    Thursday 30 July
    PM: Row Easy 8,000m with 2x 250m sprints @400w

    Late by the time we got back, bathed the kids. They crashed in seconds and I jumped on the rower for an easy 8k. I put in a 250m sprint at halfway and again for a finish. Overall I felt heavy and sluggish from 2 days of eating crap.

    Friday 31 July
    AM: Row 3x5min LT intervals (19min 5k pace)
    PM: Run 3.69m @8:55, HRR 52%
    PM: Row 8,000m Easy in 33:06 (183w) HRR 61%

    First up, another go at the 19min 5k pace reps as I wasn't happy with the last workout. Controlled these at 1:53.1/500m and 242 watts and they but felt good. I had 2 minute active recovery between sets. After the reps I had 10 mins steady and decided to do a 4th rep. Or at least hold the 240w for as long as I could without crossing into the red zone. I managed a full rep, ending at 89% HRR. Much better workout and I'll have a go at 19min for 5k next week :)

    Later a run, up and down a hill. Again felt good for 15mins and then less comfortable :( I capped it at 30mins as I saw no benefit in putting in miles for the sake of miles. It sucks looking back on the consistency I had built pre injury but I just have to be patient. A diet of regular 20-30 min easy runs is better than nothing! It feels better more often at rest, and I'm walking more. Its just frustratingly slow...

    July Summary: Total 49hr50
    Running: 26.37 miles in 3hr56
    Rowing: 500km (310 miles) in 35hr36
    Strength: 2hr28
    Conditioning: 2hr36
    Yoga: 5hr24

    Overall a frustrating month in one sense that I couldn't run but I have enjoyed the rowing. I also have a rhythm of supplementary stuff that has started to tone the body and increase flexibility.

    Focus for August
    Rowing: Sub 19min 5k and sub3 Marathon!
    Running: Recover! A 60min run would be wonderful!
    Weight: Currently 79.7kg, aim for 78.9kg.
    S&C: Maintain what I am doing and start rolling out muscle fatigue


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,043 ✭✭✭ healy1835

    Aside from a short stint across Killary during Gaelforce West in a previous lifetime, I've never rowed (most would probably say that's still the case despite my efforts that day :)), but a sub 3 hr marathon on a rowing machine :o I'd struggle to get my head around that!

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,195 ✭✭✭ Murph_D

    Hang in there M, patience is key, as you well know. Nothing wrong with your fitness anyway.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,208 ✭✭✭ shotgunmcos

    Thanks Guys! Yeah the full marathon will be something different alright. More on that in a couple of weeks..

    Saturday 1 August
    AM: Row 20min Rate Ladder (221w) 5,144m
    AM: Strength: EMOM 30
    PM: Row Easy 60min 13,434m (145w) HRR 53%

    The early row was a warm up for the S&C. A 20min rate ladder, starting at 16 strokes per minute and steady power, increasing by 1 stroke to 17, 18, 19 etc to 25spm. Then back down the ladder. Tough warm up.

    EMOM 30. Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes
    10 squats, 5 push ups, 3 pull ups.
    For a total of
    300 squats
    150 push ups
    90 pull ups :eek:

    This hurt! Go for it every minute. 30-40 seconds of intensity and 20sec recovery. First 15 minutes ok, then it started to pinch. By 20mins I was heaving and the 3 pull ups were starting to get really tough. Last 5 minutes I was barely getting 10 sec rest and I was in bits. Later I did an hour super easy hour on the rower again. A 1500kcal training day :)

    Sunday 2 August
    AM: Row Long 21,097m in 1:27:34 (181w) HRR 69%

    Woke up sore, unsurprisingly. Hamstrings, glutes, lats, traps, biceps... Plugged in for another half marathon row with effort dialed back from last week. It was still tough and my body was reluctant. A stubborn effort under the sunshine. 2L sweat loss in 90mins :(

    Overall a step back in volume this week as I was away with the kids. I had intended a short run today but we were out for dinner and walked for 2 hours afterwards. The foot was grand but that was enough. Onto the scale today and finally a drop to low 79s. 79.1kg :) But then I made chocolate chip granola bars "for the kids" and Caz made banana bread too today :rolleyes: In other news my cousin completed the Wicklow Round in 21 hours yesterday evening. Some feat and puts him in a special category. Some day...

    Next week the key session is a go at a 19min 5k and I'll try and get 3 easy runs in. I'll also build the S&C and start rolling out the fatigue. Jealous of anyone out running in that lovely setting sun...

    Week Summary: Total 8hr51
    Rowing: 97,495m (60.5 miles) in 6hr48
    Running: 5.94m in 0hr53
    Strength: 0hr30
    Yoga: 0hr40
    Weight: 79.1kg :)


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  • Registered Users Posts: 8,208 ✭✭✭ shotgunmcos

    Monday 3 August
    AM: Row Easy 8,000m
    PM: Row Easy 8,000m

    Just a couple of recovery sessions on the erg to keep the body moving. Quite stiff from the long row on Sunday but my oh my the DOMs from the EMOM :eek::cool:

    Tuesday 4 August TT Day
    AM: Row 5k TT targeting 19mins
    AM: Row Easy 8,000m in 35:53 (145w) HRR 60%
    PM: Run Easy/Steady 4.66m @7:58, HRR 67%
    PM: Row Easy 8,000m in 33:05 (184w) HRR 67%
    PM: S&C 20mins

    Session 1
    I hadn't done a rowing TT in years and my last TT was the Boards 1 mile back in May. Set the rower up outside in the sunshine and a string blustery wind coming across the decking. I asked Caz to take a video of me mid way through the half marathon on Sunday to check my technique. Found a big flaw at the start of the drive phase. Spent 20min working on the fix and warming up for the TT.

    The pacer was 1:54/500m or 3:48/km. It took a km to find a good rhythm but settled up to 3km just ahead of target pace. I was warming right up and the legs were starting to burn. On the 4th km I pushed just a second per split lower trying not to burn myself for the finish. By 4km I knew I'd get sub 19 so I pushed on again right into the red line. The cave closed in with 300m to go and I emptied the tank. Pretty happy with 18:41 for a result :D I'll definitely have another go at it next month. Tok a small break and did a very easy 8,000m cool down

    Km 1: 3:46.6
    Km 2: 3:46.6
    Km 3: 3:46.3
    Km 4: 3:44.6
    Km 5: 3:36.8

    Session 2
    4.66 miles @7:58, 37mins
    Shoes on and out for a run :) Clouds closing in now but still warm and very humid. It was a steady effort running into the wind for the first mile. The foot was tolerable but I'm heel striking which is not my norm. I just wanted to do a half hour but ended up a bit over. It was tolerable to run but I need to see how it recovers tomorrow. What I'm finding is that it is feeling better quicker walking around after a run. Slow progress but 4 whole miles done and no further damage, I think :confused:

    Onto the rower again for another 8,000m easy focusing on my technical flaw. I won't stop until it becomes a good habit. Basic ally I was lifting my heel at the catch (the wound up start of the stroke) which tilted my body back and had me driving off my midfoot. The heels should be down on the footplate to drive off the whole foot. At least the fix is simple, it will just take many hours to reverse the bad habit.

    I was pretty fatigued from the day so far but pulled out the mat for a quick S&C session.
    20 reverse lunges
    20 squats
    20 forward lunges
    20 squats
    20 calf raises each leg
    20 bridges
    20 push ups
    2x (30 sec hollow rock hold, 5x V Ups, 20x hollow rock holds)... abs on fire!