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Coaching u6's advice appreciated !

  • 03-11-2018 11:48pm
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    I help out at the local club with the 5-6 year old kids. (My lad plays)
    Just looking for a bit of advice.

    1. Any drills/ games that they'd like?
    We get about 15 kids usually lined up in 2 groups. Personally I think it's too big as they get bored and start dragging each other and messing while waiting for their turn. They love the 'stuck in the mud' and rollerball!

    2. We only play 'touch' for the games/blitz. They're 'reffed' pretty relaxed. A few lads moan a bit cos they 'touch' the attacker but he still runs on and we don't stop play. I kinda agree with 'em. Is it important to be 'consistent' so it stops lads getting fed up(75% of em haven't a clue what's going on anyway:pac:) or are you better off letting it be a free for all?

    3. Dealing with the 'bould fcuker'!!
    We've one lad who's actually quite good but he's constantly fighting with the other lads. Doesn't matter whether it's waiting in line for the drills or when we pair them up for stuff. Worst is the 'matches' after training or the blitzes. Any bit of contact and he's pushing, kicking or punching other lads.
    Should we be having a word with his folks or give out to him there and then
    ( which has been done numerous times but with no improvement)
    Personally, I don't need the aggro but don't think it's fair to the other lads if they've this lunatic ruining the thing.

    Advice appreciated!


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    Here's a few things that have worked with us ( been coaching u6s up to u9s now and previously schools rugby for 7/8 a teacher so used to dealing with kids)...
    1. Keep them moving. Break session up into 10-15 minute slots.. no standing around. If you have 3 coaches then organise 3 separate drills.. 10 mins each and swap .
    2. Warm up... ball tag- person who is on holds ball in 2 hands.. has to tag someone else on back. Gets them running around but key point is they learn to hold ball in 2 hands.
    3. Second warm up... set out coloured cones... call "red" for example... everyone has to run to cone and form straight line across pitch...good for defensive line. Can vary it by getting them to form arrow for attack. Putting 2/3 cones of different colours down and varying calls gets them thinking moving.
    4. Key phrases...they are only 6 and just try to get basics across...e.g. "run forward pass backwards" ... repeat over and over.
    5. Passing.- everyone on knees at a cone. They must pass across line. If you have 15 then 5 lines of 3 cones . Putting them on knees means they have to pass with upper body and across body and cuts out simply turning and lobbing ball...this takes time but will develop passing in the longer term.
    6. Speak to the young aggressive guy... take no messing but be decent...he has to learn it's a team game and build good habits early. Be firm and explain why.. don't give a bollocking despite the temptation. Get parents on board early as well. If they're not with you then tough, you have a responsibility to teach him how to play with respect and within the rules you set out.
    7. Always a game... they love it.. constant competition in the drills...
    8. Build small games into big games..go 2 4 vs 4 games rather than 8 vs 8.. more touches and involvement.

    9. That's enough to begin with and what has worked with us.
    Feel free to Pm