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Low alcohol beer.

  • 26-08-2018 7:37pm
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    I’ve just been told not to bump an old thread and to start a new one by an admin, even though I got moaned at by admins for starting new threads on a subject that already had a thread a few weeks ago. I think they need to look at tbeir own rules cos they be confused.

    So I pose EXACTLY the same question as in the thread below.

    Where in Ireland preferably Dublin can I get low alcohol beer, maybe 2-3%?


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    I don't see a question - just a title.

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    On tap? That's trickier, haven't seen Guinness "mid-strength" 2.8% in a while.
    Smithwick's is the lowest most places have, at 3.8%

    Lots of off-licences sell Heineken light. 3.0%

    If you want something craftier, White Hag have a 2.6% Table Saison beer in a 440ml can. Its on the O'Brien's website, and in the Stephen Street beer place in Dublin. Some of the white hag sour beers are around 3.5% as well.

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    donaghs wrote: »
    On tap? That's trickier, haven't seen Guinness "mid-strength" 2.8% in a while..

    Had some in Pebble Beach in Clontarf on Sunday; it's still mostly sold near golf courses only these days.

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    I don't know about low. Maybe some of the craft places have session pale ales on?

    Bottles Alcohol free, I thought Paulaner or Erdinger were fairly omnipresent? I've had Brewdog Nanny State in the Harbour Bar in Bray I think. I'd say more are coming here, as I've heard quite a few discussions and seen quite a free articles in the UK media, with the big brewies pushing them more as a lifestyle rather than a drink drive thing.