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Moving to Northern Ireland from Republic of Ireland (car insurance)

  • 20-08-2018 2:31pm
    Registered Users Posts: 9 ✭✭✭ fraserc12

    I am moving to the UK (Northern Ireland) from the Republic of Ireland.

    Currently insured in the Republic only - with an Irish registered car.

    1. Any advice as to someone who has been through this transition before?

    2. Do most companies recognized NCB gained in the Republic?

    Or would it be worthwhile just keeping my Irish insurance? I drive home for most weekends and I don't use the car during the week anyway for commuting or anything.

    NB: My insurance company will not cover me if I change the address to a UK one.

    Also, my car was first bought in the UK so changing the registration is not a problem. I would also consider selling my Irish registered car and buying one in the UK as the prices are a lot cheaper.