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Jill Janus RIP

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    Just read this, shocking news, apparent suicide, The first two Huntress albums are fantastic, was hoping I'd get to see them live at some point :(

    This song contains the most revealing and personal lyrics I've ever heard.



  • She had an incredible voice and was very vocal about her demons! Survived 9/11, battled cancer, alcoholism and various mental health conditions. Horrible to see her demons finally get the better of her! :(

    Immense talent and someone who will be missed!


  • I remember hearing that she left the twin towers in the early hours of the morning, a few hours before the attack and had a big mental breakdown after it.

    I watched a few interviews with her on Youtube a few years ago, she came across as being away with the fairies but very likable as well, unsurprisingly there was nasty stuff said about her in the comment sections.

    It's fairly obvious she was troubled, she never hid that, some of that madness fueled her creativity, as I posted the song Mania you'll never hear lyrics as raw and honest as that, just a damn shame her demons overwhelmed her in the end

    Given how open she was about it, maybe it's not all that surprising, but still I'm absolutely sickened by this, it's like Chris Cornell all over again :(