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    Has anyone taken a mindfulness course and could tell me what it is? Does it work? Does it work better for people who are stressed and busy or people who are depressed etc?



  • Hey there, i did DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) a few years back.. Mindfulness is at it's core, in my case it was used to help with Borderlin Personality Disorder which typically has depression and anxiety as core 'symptoms' I found it very beneficial, you do need to work at it and daily practice of various elements.. As far as i'm aware there are many mindfulness courses advertised but i'm not sure about their effectiveness, i contacted a few as i felt like a refresher however standards varied wildly..

  • Look up stuff by Jon Kabat Zinn.

    Mindfulness employs many principles that were intrinsic to Buddhism as practised for thousands of years.

    Does it work? Absolutely-but its not some kind of magic, you have to be open to it and work at it. And if you practice it as part of your life, it could change it massively for the better, if you're currently scurrying around like a blue-assed fly, or haunted by depression and/or anxiety.