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How hard is it to get the rolex you want



  • So which would be safer purchase ? A Hulk or Pepsi ?

    My head tells me to stay away from either due to the reasons discussed above but Im having a itch to buy one or the other

  • For me, it'd be the Hulk but solely based on the bracelet. If the Pepsi was on an Oyster? That's what I'd get and not picking it as 1st choice given my penchant for a GMT, is a choice that surprised me tbh!

  • its the jubilee that I like most about the Pepsi.

    does the Hulk wear different to a sub date ?colour obviously the difference but I’d be concerned they would wear too similar .@Fitz II Is probably the man to answer that

  • its just the colour, i personally wouldnt have both (my pref is the hulk also)

  • Hulk for me, nicer colour. The pepsi bezel colours are a bit weird, its also very dressy on the Jubilee (although you can have it on a PCL oyster now). Hulk is more classic and the bracelet is better with the quick adjust, also Hulk is actually discontinued so the price will be more stable as the market has as many hulks now as it ever will.

    Neither are a bad choice, but I just didnt gel with the pepsi

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  • I'd go hulk too. A more manly watch in the maxi case. The gmt masters wear very small too. I fancied a batgirl (jubilee), it's pretty but it looked a bit like a toy when I wore it

    From a financial point of view - both overpriced imho but the hulk is likely to be a better investment. It's gone and it will never come back. If you don't believe there's a Rolex bubble, then both probably safe enough and could well go up more

  • Hmmmm. Is there really someone out there paying these prices.

  • His prices are always ridiculous. That said some eejits seem to buy there...

  • I have bought a few off him....prices are strong alright but he has the stock and its handy and local 20k for a hulk is saucy, but he prices for next year not today.

  • He def ain’t known for his bargains. Think the Rolex train is gonna push along till early next year at least. A lot of money sloshing around.

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  • he's a black dial, ceramic bezel, stainless steel Daytona up for €30k too which I initially thought was saucy, then a cursory glance at watch finder reset that 😀

  • Has anyone here tried the 43mm Sea dweller?

  • Yep tried the new ceramic and the old preceramic SD....very nice, wears very similar to a maxi case sub, the size is not really all that noticeable and thickness is tollerable. I like them, and the red line SD 43 is one of the few "bargains" left out there in rolex land. I think they are cool AF

  • You're after the one on TZ there Cyrus? 😁

  • Not really you can get them on c24 for similar but as Fitz says in value terms they are about the best of them v rrp. The dssd would be too thick for me !

  • You ever try one? 😂

    Very thick alright, but you get used to it quickly. I haven't tried on the first gen, but I can only imagine it wears badly as the bracelet is simply too narrow for such a (top) heavy watch.

  • Yep I did once ,I have never gotten on with very thick watches probably because I am in a shirt most days !

  • I bought one a couple of months ago, if you want to try it on. Was tempted by the DSSD also, but that was just too tall.

  • It cost me just over 3.5K to change from a 7+ year old SubC (in okay-ish condition) to a nearly new SD43. That's less than you'd pay between them new, let alone with the age gap. I hesitate to use "bargain" and "value" when it comes to Rolex, but it did seem better bang for buck.

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  • Very interesting vid, puts it out well

  • Good concise video, explains the situation very well. I subscribed to the channel to check out some of his other vids

    That said, there is nothing in that video that any of the regulars in here doesn't already know or we haven't already discussed.

  • I really liked the thought that Rolex dont sell watches anymore they sell collections of watches. A Daytona is sold as part of a bigger collection. I had not thought about it in quite that way before. For some reason seeing it all layed out made me think how crazy the situation is.

  • The only thing new here is that multiples of people now have the financial means to buy these type of goods (used to be only some rich people) and the (flexing) culture is totally in your face wherever you look in popular media (used to be only in high end ads in magazines read by old / rich people), causing prices to rise quickly over the last few years - that's my take on it anyway

  • The perception of rarity is another aspect in this. Take yer man's example of the daytona. Go to chrono24 and search Daytona and there's over five thousand of the things across 90 pages. Type in Rolex and you get over seventy thousand examples. And that's just one non AD outlet. Now granted not all daytonas or rolex are the current hot tickets, but that's an awful lot of watches and hot tickets are entirely down to current fashions. Across all outlets worldwide there's probably well over a quarter of a million of the yokes. Hell, Rolex produce around a million watches per year. Patek which are way more upmarket and exclusive, or used to be, produce what? Nearly a hundred thousand watches per year? Now stretch those numbers out over the last decade, nigh on ten million Rolex, a million Pateks. Them's big numbers. Now their prices have increasingly become rarified, but these are not rare items. If you have the cash you can get one now. If you have the cash and that's the cache driven by the current market. Add in the "investment" notion and you get the current mania and those in any current manic market are always convinced this time it's different, this time it'll always go north. .

    As for the multiples of people having the financial means. They pretty much always did, it's not as if a mass group of men(in this case) suddenly got way richer in the last five years. At least over the last couple of generations there always been middle aged middle class men with cash to flash. They weren't buying "luxury" watches though, or far fewer were and it was a individual speciifc non mainstream interest.

    Even within the buying watches as a thing market there are differences in the segments. Looking at the vintage market which was once on a high sales have stagnated and prices are dropping. I've seen pre TAG vintage Heuers go from a couple of grand up to ten and above and now are dropping fast, or not selling. Ten years ago you could pick up a Heuer BUND for under two grand, at their peak they were changing hands at six, now I see very nice examples at three and a half not selling and in open auctions three is about right. Dealers and the market inflated the prices and buyers went along with it, but now they're baulking at it. You even see this in spares prices. Dealer price of a BUND dial? 300 quids plus. Auction price of a BUND dial? 90. And vintage stuff by its very nature is a finite supply market and often actually rare. In many cases you better buy now or you won't see another. You certainly won't have 90 pages of examples to choose from.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • @Wibbs - "As for the multiples of people having the financial means. They pretty much always did, it's not as if a mass group of men(in this case) suddenly got way richer in the last five years."

    I don't agree there. Particularly since the start of COVID early last year the price of watches exploded. I think that is directly related to a large group of men having much more money to spend than before. Their incomes stayed the same but their outgoings radically reduced.

    I've seen it myself with the Rolex watches I have been interested in, the last few years. As one example of a watch I have fairly closely followed, a yachtmaster 40 blue, probably one of the least popular Rolex sports, could be had in a private sale for around €8k (box / papers) during most of 2019 (way below retail) and very early 2020. Then it went up, I refused one at €10k in summer of 2020 and now they are over €12k. 50% is an insane increase for a relatively unpopular watch over 18 months

  • Oh certainly covid had an effect over the last year Unk, but the cray cray prices thing has been running from before covid. Basically over the last five or so years.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • If you want a Rolex dive watch at retail, pretty difficult.

    Seen while window shopping in Porto (Portugal) in late September.

    The green cards say "For exhibition only".

  • yep that's been a thing for a while, well ever since I was in Beirut in 2019 and popped into the AD there that had a GMT-Master-II in the window. Some AD's will have these watches with the movements removed at factory. My guess is they're there to drum up sales of other less sought after watches in a way to work your way up to the more sought after pieces.

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  • I think there's a thread running on this over on TZ-UK currently. A lot of AD's are getting display pieces that are basically the watch version of the dummy phones that used to be de rigeur in retail.

    The case and dial with a weight in place of the movement to allow customers try the "feel" before they join the waitlist.

    Don't know if it's true?