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Dating agencies


  • You might be better to post this in the ladies lounge.

    In general the older a woman is the worse her experience of dating agencies. Men have better experiences. It's all down to numbers.

    Single men are hard to find in Ireland. If they are any way decent they will have no trouble finding someone. If they do their friends and family will set them up with somebody. Why should any half-way decent man join a dating agency when it is so easy for them to meet women?

    From what I have heard some dating agencies do a hard sell (I have no experience myself but friends have told me) show you very attractive profiles of men but when you join there's no sign of the attractive profiles and it's a completely different experience. You might be waiting a year to be called for a date. Some dating agencies are upfront about this and tell women of a certain age that they have to go on a waiting list until "suitable" men turn up. "Suitable" could be Attilla the Hun crossed with Quasimodo or Hannibal Lecter crossed with the Marquis De Sade.

    Good luck.

  • and it costs 700e