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How do YOU consume news?

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    It would seem that the days of us sitting down with a multitude of daily periodicals are well gone. This sparked my curiosity in “how do we consume news” these days?

    - Do you consume news via apps only?
    - Does this pose a threat to non-mainstream news?
    - Do you feel that you are fully informed over the spectrum of topics: society, health, politics, current affairs etc.?

    Also, which news source is your go to?

    How do YOU mainly consume news? 30 votes

    Paper Newspapers
    Free News Apps / Websites
    ElmoL1011pjprobynotharrypottermanageitCeilingFlymickthehack 7 votes
    Paid News Apps & Paid Online Newspapers
    JTManElmopjprobycallaway92wexiePopePalpatinemanageitskallywagAnSliabhCorcraUrsus HorribilisFoweva Awonethebull85mickthehack 13 votes
    Non-mainstream channels: forums etc.
    L1011pjprobyAnSliabhCorcraCeilingFlymickthehack 5 votes
    I do not consume news/current affairs
    JTManElmocallaway92PopePalpatineskallywag 5 votes
    Other (please post!)


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  • I use Newspaper websites

  • I do not consume news/current affairs
    I still buy the Sunday papers (both are behind pay walls) but pick up news from Radio Bulletins and online social media,

  • Non-mainstream channels: forums etc.
    Interesting !

  • Non-mainstream channels: forums etc.
    Get three papers a week - local rag, Saturday IT and the SBP. Very rarely buy a weekday IT, Guardian or Observer - maybe 20 papers a year in total. Get Private Eye delivered as I used to live/work in the UK and have a solid enough interest in their politics. Would occasionally (3/4 a year) buy the New Statesman but it isn't really news. Probably buy the Examiner maybe one every 18 months for a specific investigative story.

    Use the IT and RTE apps, look to the BBC site for news - the IT app is paid for in a bundle with the delivery for two of us.

    Very very rarely watch TV news - any of RTE, C4, Sky or BBC when I do. Listen to radio a lot but its purpose as a quick-delivery news source died with push notifications for apps and the bulletins are so short/light I don't consider it as a source.

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  • I did some low level research on this over 6 years ago and got a lot of responses from boards, I was specifically looking at how students consume news though I think.

    Social media and TV where the big ones. Places like Reddit and aggregators like breaking news would be higher now imagine.

  • With my eyes and my ears

  • Via websites daily - Indo, IT, RTE,, Breaking News, BBC.

    Radio News Bulletins - Lyric & NewsTalk

    Occasionally pick up a free copy of the Indo when I go to McD’s or Insomnia.

    Buy a copy of the SBP every few weeks.

    Never watch TV news anymore

  • Sometimes what we consume is best to first let mature!
    Weeklys are better in this regard, as there has been time to reflect, rather than 'first on the scene' stuff. You can take it as read then that I don't have a social media account, with newsfeeds. FOMO is becoming an illness IMO! I generally look at the IT headlines, reading the articles only occasionally.
    I used to read the SBP, but not for a few years. I came across an interesting way of reading weeklys; if you have a library card, you can use it to access loads of titles for free through your county library website; I read The Week and The Economist, and dip into Newsweek and the likes. (There's monthly magazines as well, my favourites being film magazines i.e. Total Film, Empire and SFX.) It's a great (free) resource.

  • Nyom nyom nyom. I don's see how you could do it any other way.

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  • Nyom nyom nyom. I don's see how you could do it any other way.

    followed by a depressing poop. Because lets be honest, most News is depressing.

  • I haven't bought a newspaper for years, although I used to read them avidly.

    Most of the news I get now is via the radio (short and sweet) or :D

  • Should TV and Radio not be listed in the Poll outside of just using Other?

  • JustShay wrote: »
    followed by a depressing poop. Because lets be honest, most News is depressing.

    I second that (e)motion. :D

    The Week has a section called "It's not all bad...", and has a "Wit and Wisdom" section, as well as "It must be true, I read it in the papers".

  • The good people over at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism do an annual survey across Europe to find, among other things, the sources of new. Ireland is included in the survey and its fairly detailed. Anyway the topline for the sources of news for this parish:

    Medium %
    Television news 22
    Social media 16
    Websites/apps of Newspapers 14
    Radio news 12
    24 hour news 11
    Websites/apps of TV/Radio 7
    Printed Newspapers 6
    Websites/apps of other news outlets 6
    Websites/apps of news magazines 1
    Blogs 1
    Printed Magazines 1