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Neuroscience or Psychology?

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    Really interested in both fields, not sure which to study in college, I know I could pick one and then do a postgrad in the other but would just like to get some opinions here, which should I pick? If you studied either could you let me know the pros and the cons and any other things I should take note of.

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  • Your question is quite broad. What have your read in both areas, and what within each interests you? Neuro is probably covered in most psych undergrads, if you just want an initial flavour of it. You could take up a neuro MSc afterwards.

  • Take classes in both and find out which is of greatest interest and pursue accordingly.

  • Probably best to think about it from a career point of view. What do you want to end up doing. You can let that influence which path makes most sense.
    Black Swan wrote: »
    Take classes in both and find out which is of greatest interest and pursue accordingly.

    Unless you mean MOOC, that's not really possible this side of the pond I'm afraid.

  • Unless you mean MOOC
    Yes, there are accredited online degree programmes (bachelors, masters) from flagship universities as an option to traditional Eire bricks-and-mortar. You can also experiment with classes in both fields mentioned here, for credit or not, offered for free from accredited institutions via such organisations as edX.

  • Psychology is far broader and covers many topics, if you're unsure if you'll like either psychology will at least contain some areas which you'll find interesting whereas neuroscience can be very specific.

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