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Do people have dinner parties/people over for dinner much in Ireland?

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    I‘m moving back to Ireland after ten years abroad with my non-Irish husband and we are starting to get nervous about making friends. We drink socially but we don‘t want to be spending loads of time in the pub and we have a small child. We’re in our early thirties. Where we live now, we tend to have friends over for dinner and drinks once our child is in bed. Do people do that at all in Ireland or is most socialising pub-based? Is it weird to invite people to your home before you know them really well?


  • Dinner parties are definitely done alright. With people you don't know very well maybe start off smaller or more casual than dinner, if you're meeting them through your child, at the school gate or your kids sports / music / dance lesson maybe invite them over for coffee and a play date and build the friendship from there. Easier for them not to have to get a sitter then too!

  • It definitely happens, but maybe not as much as in some other countries.
    And as said above, it probably wouldn't be the first thing you would invite somebody to do when you meet them, although in reality I'm not sure why not.

    The more I talk to non-Irish people in work about their experiences, particularly a recent chat with a colleague who is leaving Ireland, the more I realise that the Irish are actually not great (generalisation) at making meaningful connections and putting themselves out there to meet other people. This is especially true for a lot of us the more settled we become. I definitely fall into this category, and myself and Mrs D have become even more insular since the birth of our kids.

    I'm not sure if we've had any life-long friends over in the past 2 years, let alone new friends/acquaintances.
    The kids are at a more manageable age now (2&4), so I've personally decided to step out of my comfort zone and try make new real friends (rather than just drinking buddies), and to make a conscious effort to move any social gatherings/events that do happen away from pubs.

    I'm very tempted to just invite the OP for dinner :)