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Dublin Metrolink - alternative routes



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    I'm just back from Dublin, after a couple of days, and I noticed an interesting new development in the 'Adelaide' area.

    A thing which one of our moderators, Sam Russell, has been pushing, is development of a LUAS line between Charlemont and places closer to the coast, perhaps Baggot Street and Grand Canal Dock, along Adelaide Road

    I think this would be very good, and others on this board have broadly welcomed an idea along these lines.

    It makes considerable sense, certainly to me, because it should be quite easy to up the tram throughput on the bulk of the Green line south of the canal to 30tph, but it's not easy to get more than 20tph through the very central parts of the city. A branch along Adelaide Road, particularly for peak time services, makes a lot of sense, and I would like to see it happen.

    I'd always envisaged that it could happen, quite easily, perhaps with some kind of triangular junction at Adelaide Road and Peter Place, and it would be much easier if the long-derelict building at that corner (on Adelaide Road) could be demolished after long years of disuse.

    Lo and behold, what did I see yesterday, only that that building is now being refurbished.

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    A link between joining Stephen's green on the Northside of the green out Baggot street and down to GCD or Lansdowne would be useful.

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    Yeah a fair bit of building going on there. I actually noticed that building being renovated last year and thought of you SW.