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Birthday gift for 11-year-old boy

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    Registered Users Posts: 1 JakeTse

    Hi there, I am having trouble in deciding what gift to buy for my 11-year-old nephew. He will be 11 by the end of this month. I am thinking about buying a hoverboard for him. Which is the best hoverboard brand or do you have specific model to recommend? Other gift ideas are also welcome. Thanks!


  • What interests does he have?

  • Welcome to boards JakeTse!

    Sounds like a fun gift! I'd run that by his parents first though as they mightn't be keen or might be getting something like that themselves.

    Otherwise, does he have a computer console for you to buy a game for? If he has a Nintendo Switch there's these new Labo accesories, basically flat pack accessories that the kids build and use with their Switch.

    I've a few nephews around that age, they love a trip out to a toy shop to pick something out themselves too, you could make a morning of it together, go for food and shop for a gift, quality time together.