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G Storm thermal cycler GS 4822

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    Registered Users Posts: 2 Greg Malkovic

    We bought a G Storm thermal cycler GS 4822 used from a local seller, unfortunately after turning on only the Windows desktop appears. I assume that G Storm universal software application for this device has been removed from the internaldisk. Unfortunately, we did not receive the system on the CD, so is there anyone who knows where is possibility to download the universal software application for this device?? I will be grateful for any help in solving this problem


  • Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? I found the manual for your machine on line and according to it the operating software should be on a USB stick. Perhaps they could send you a new one.

  • I have already sent two emails in this matter directly to the g storm, but I have not received any answer so far.

  • I've found that the manufacturer doesn't want to know in these situations. Can you find a distributor to contact for help? I've generally done that and had some success.

  • While G Storm have an email and number, you'll actually find they essentially went under years ago for selling poor thermal cyclers for less than they were worth. I know loads of labs with them sitting around.

    They are unreliable and the temperature on ones we thought were working were off the mark.

    I hate to say it but probably best to dump it.