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Dublin - BusConnects



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    I'm an occasional visitor to Dublin, and no longer a huge user of any transport when I'm there, but I have been impressed with the leap card, the much improved efforts to give a better idea of when a bus is actually going to arrive, and so far with the very limited bits of this project I have seen (unfortunately just along the C1/C2 corridor).

    It is my opinion that Dublin Bus, which - faults and all - has always given an overall monumental service to the city, has made bigger strides in the last 7-10 years than in all its previous decades combined.

    One thing which is still noticeable is the large number of 'As Seirbhis' buses, at all times of the day, in Dublin. I've lived in a few cities, some bigger and some smaller than Dublin, and in none of them did I see an 'out of service' bus more than about twice a year.

    It would be great if BusConnects brings an end to what seems to be a particular problem in Dublin, or can at least reduce it drastically.

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    One solution I've seen is that all buses going out of service take on a particular number depending on their depot rather than the route they have just served (500, say, for all buses to Conyngham Road, 600 for Donnybrook, etc.), so people can still take them if they are going broadly in that direction, at whatever time of the day. Of course, it helps if these buses take an acknowledged route back to their base, but this can be shown at each stop.

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    Buses leave the depot with As Seirbhis and travel to the start of the route, then do their turn of duty, and return from the terminus with As Seirbhis empty. Now, it would make sense that they pick up passengers on their way from the depot, and on their return.

    During busy times, they should run some buses on partial routes, turning and then running back. The route is busy in the middle, but less so as the reach the terminus. Now it complicates route numbers unless it gets to be widespread, and passengers become aware that not only is the route number important but so is the destination. This could apply when buses begin to bunch or are running severely late.

    Just an idea.

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    That is a monumental f... up. It appears the issue wasn't even spotted for some time, though the passengers at bus stops probably did.

    Once these things become standard they must be up 24/7.

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    Saw this in the Indo.

    It talks about a massive new bus depot and charging station that could house the entire Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann fleets. Doubt that would work operationally?

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    Agreed - it’s utter tripe.

    One single garage location for the entire city?


    I wouldn’t give it a moment’s consideration.

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    There is certainly some consideration needed to intensification of development at the bus depots even if they remain in place.

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    Apart from the introduction of two of the spines, and construction on the bus interchanges at Red Cow and Liffey Valley, has there been any progress made on this never-ending project?

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    Three phases of the new network have been implemented now.

    The first two planning applications for the twelve corridors have been submitted to An Bord Pleanála.

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    Will any work be done on the Dundrum LUAS terminus in preparation for phase 5/bus connects as a whole, I wonder? I know it will only be the 74 and L25, along with the other existing routes using it as a terminus come October, but once all phases are done there will be 8 routes using it, with 5 of them terminating there (2 of them being high frequency spine routes). Currently it's quite a mess, especially at rush hour. It could definitely do with some form of reorganization/expansion imo

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    The 74 and L25 won’t use the existing terminus, but rather I understand will use a new bay on the bypass by the old shopping centre. There’s not enough space for them at the current terminus.

    You’re completely right - it is a mess and God knows what it’ll be like with both the A2 and A4 terminating there.

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    A Liffey Valley style bus station should be a condition of any future redevelopment of the old shopping centre in Dundrum IMO

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    Just to add a further point - this will mean that people transferring between the L25 and S6 will have to walk from the Dundrum by-pass to either Taney Road or Upper Churchtown Road to transfer unless they are planning for the S6 to loop around the terminus, which would add to overall journey times somewhat, as it already takes the 14 an age to get out of the terminus onto Taney Road.

    I was also told previously that the space under the bridge is unavailable for use as part of the bus station which makes options for redesign very limited.

    To be honest, I have serious reservations about the realignment of the orbital routes in Dundrum. For a start, the routes are all being moved away from the Dundrum Town Centre, the main source of all public transport use in the area. The S8 replacing the 175, completely misses the main source of traffic for the route and the entire area, which is Dundrum Town Centre. Passengers using the 175 currently to go from Knocklyon or Ballyboden to Dundrum may now have an extended wait for a 74 (at least until the A2 is implemented) to complete their journey as frequencies don't match, and those going to UCD will have to use an alternative route from their areas to connect with the S6.

    Personally, I would have changed the proposed orbitals so that they would intersect at Dundrum and actually serve Dundrum Town Centre:

    S6 - Change route to Tallaght to Dún Laoghaire and take the planned L25 route to Dún Laoghaire

    S8 - Change route to Citywest to Blackrock - use the 74 route from Grange Road to Dundrum and then as per planned S6

    L25 - Still be Dundrum to Dún Laoghaire - Change routing to operate via Sandyford Road, Balally and then proposed S8 route to Dún Laoghaire.

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    Does anybody have any info about the 65b, why it exists and why it’s both such an odd routing and bad frequency?

    it’s always busy at peak, there’s definitely a lot of demand for more services.

    bring on the A3

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    Why does any bus route exist? A need was identified for it.

    The 65b was originally a variant of the 65 that was established to provide a bus service for Killinarden estate when it was built, and then subsequently was extended to Citywest.

    It was re-routed from the N81 west of Spawell as a result of Network Direct to provide a direct service to and from the city centre for residents living south of Killininny Road. Other routes link Firhouse with Tallaght, so it could then route direct via Firhouse Road West to Killinarden and Citywest.

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    Thank you. It’s seems a fairly odd outlier in routes these days, useful but only to a certain point.

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    Which routes do the two planning applications apply to?

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