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  • Apparently a lot of people backstage think Von Wagner is a young Edge.

  • Better that than his dad Beau Beverly.

    Im surprised Vince didn’t stick him in purple tights and cape and make him bleach his hair blonde.

  • Mojo Steiner seems about right. All these new lads seem all about THE HYPE.

    Its going back 30 years to where the matches are short and stars seem to be larger than life without saying all that much. I can guarantee that of most of those debuts last night, professional wrestling wasn't even a failsafe like it was for the Rock or Roman, just a cynical option.

  • Wasn't a fan of the new NXT.

    I really loved NXT but this just wasn't for me. Seems it's mostly going back to developmental with all the new faces. Bron Breakker? Getting rid of the Steiner name for that, really? Everything else just didn't work for me. A lot of random people who I didn't get much out of. Presentation wise, I think it's visually unappealling and the old guard seem to really clash with whatever this new version is. I'll keep watching for a few weeks but if this is the way it's headed I don't think I'll be sticking with 2.0.

    Wedding was kinda fun, no shenanigans at all, is that a first?

  • Maybe he didnt want the Steiner name so he didnt love off his Dads past glories

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  • Oh I agree fully, even using his actual name Bronson instead of Bron would have been ten times better but still a **** name. You just know he'll be shortened to Bron soon.

    I'd WWE won't be letting lads use their own names, whether it's shoot names or names they had before WWE because he was apparently going as Rex Steiner before becoming Bron Breaker. Maybe Adam Cole leaving had them have a rethink on lads using names they can't trademark.

  • Well they just fecked out Bronson Reed so it's probably a bit soon for another Bronson.

  • Was thinking the same but then there's also Braun, though spelt differently.

  • As he wears identical gear to his father and copies his fathers move set….


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  • It'll be interesting to see 3 weeks from now what the NXT rating settles at. Plenty of curiosity viewership got them their highest demo number in a while .21 but I've no idea how low the settle point might be. I can't see them doing below .10 say, but at the same time I don't think they get to .18 very often at all, so essentially what I'm saying is that even though this is now basically jacked up FCW, I think ratings-wise they'll settle at basically the same number as NXT proper was doing. At the live gate, this version of NXT isn't going to be selling out basketball arenas, but I suppose it's probably worth taking a minor hit on live gate attendance if 1. you're developing wrestlers you may actually use on the main roster and 2. you're saving money by being able to let go of indie guys with reputations who command more money for their initial contracts.

    Anyway the actual show was interesting enough purely from the point of view of it basically being Vince and his crew saying "this last NXT sucked, get rid of it" and putting his own spin on it. Whether any of the debutants are any good, who knows? Steiner looked solid at least. But ultimately it can't be any less interesting than NXT had become, it really did die a slow dull death. Putting the title on Ciampa in a super short 4 way in the spot before the wedding tells you Ciampa is a transitional champion at best. Even if they are pulling similar ratings, USA probably won't love that they are paying so much for a studio wrestling show that's now purely developmental, the optics are quite different from when WWE was promoting NXT as it's 3rd brand proper. You'd imagine it probably isn't long for this world on USA.

  • Would USA notice the difference?

    I think the brand will settle just below what NXT usually got on Tuesday nights.

    Its different, and it will be interesting how they go forward. Dunne allegedly signed a new deal, so I am curious as to how they use him going forward and what his role is. The likes of Knight, Gargano and others are TV ready, so I can imagine some being transfered to Main Roster and others being used to help put over talent in NXT.

    Where does this leave Walter, MSK and others will be interesting.

  • Listening to Wade Keller's podcast this morning and his guest who was at the NXT tapings was saying the live crowd were hating on Von Wagner and a few others, Wade said this didn't come across on TV. The guy then said the WWE got fans before the show to Boo and Cheer while filming them so this must have been used to hide the hate.

  • Notes from SRS's report: 

    This includes everything from in-ring work and aggression to harsher language and the like. 

    Another point that we haven't verified was more lenience on female character gear, though it wasn't specified what exactly that means.

    "Keep up with current affairs with promos and character verbiage" was another point said to be brought up.

  • Can't wait to see what a man in his mid 70's idea of edgy is. Hilarious that they moved away from the edgier looking product to something that looks like a skittles ad to wanting something edgier again.

    More lenience on female gear sounds like something that could be potentially skeevy but hopefully not.

    This sounds like something they put out there to get people interested even though it tells us nothing and sounds hilariously out of touch.

  • Yeah, makes no sense. NXT has been much edgier than the main shows for a long time.

    Lenience on female gear would usually mean they get to choose what they wear, but with Vince it could mean they're told to wear more revealing gear. Can't say I've seen any problems with the women's gear up until now or am I missing something? None of them strike me as someone who would want to dress sexier.

  • Being told to wear more revealing gear wouldn't fly these days, rightly. An edict like that would be instantly leaked and WWE would be dragged through the mud and probably even lose sponsors.

    If they're left to their own devices and want to do it, fair enough. Off the top of my head, Carmella is the only one that wears revealing gear these days.

  • Eva Marie is another. But of the ones in NXT, I wouldn't look at them and think they were wearing what they're wearing for any reason other than character/practicality. Scarlett would be the only one I can think of but that's her character.

    As for being edgy, will Mojo Steiner just crack and start attacking everyone? Dexter and Indi go on a killing spree of guys with expiring contracts?

    It is still on USA which is basic cable and airing at 8pm so not like they can go crazy.

  • Well we had bleeped out swearing, oral sex joke and panning shots of Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction, which is her new team name.

    I guessed the title would change hands. I assume the same with the women's tag titles next week.

    Though looks like they're going to take a bit of any edge off with a superhero character.

    Again so many people I didn't know, like Indi's friend, the guy opening the door and the guy he fought, someone who's getting a talkshow and others.

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  • Mandy may have caused a few heart attacks amongst the NXT watching demographic.

  • That Toxic Attraction promo was shite, you'd see better on NWA.

    Like something out of 2K video games in universe mode.

  • I don't mind this version of NXT. It reminds of NXT from 2012-2013 before it became super-indie in terms of talent.

  • Was trying to figure out who they'll move up in the draft to make room for younger guys. Thought Ciampa and Gargano, but they might leave Gargano until after the baby is born. Also he's a big part of what I'm sure is one of the more popular parts of the show. Expected the tag titles to change to move Io up.

    Not sure what they're at with that chat show. Who do they think watches NXT? Wouldn't say there's much overlap between NXT audience and thev audience for The View and those types of shows.

  • That chat show was peak Tuesday night titans in the 1980s wwf crap.

  • Santos Escobar to win the NA title from Swerve?

  • Tony D’angelo gets a huge pop and is already the most over guy on 2.0.. the ref bribing spot was wonderful.. the gimmick is so dumb and hokey that’s it’s kind of great.. so bad it’s good and the best thing on this crap show

  • Yeah, he's funny. I keep thinking of the Italians from It's Always Sunny when he talks...

    "Good day to yous."

    Also, they're being a bit blunt with the edginess...

    Indi's friend: "How big is he?"

    Indi: "9 and a half inches."

  • I was expecting to see proud/emotional Johnny and Candice talking about Austin making it to the main roster.

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  • Had to research why some of the crowd are booing MSK...too bad they couldn't change the fans that get to attend these shows along with the rebrand.