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Kerry road beyond repair

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    Hello, if some of you are from north Kerry you maybe familar with the Lixnaw/Abbeydorney road known as Ballinclogher Cross roads, Rathscannal, or 'The Damned Dale Road' as it is satirically known, I have put this on the Safety subform as it is a safety concern for all the people living near it and using it for work, the road not only is it narrow it is dangerously high and built up on a high bank, let a car, truck, tractor or jeep pass you you risk falling off, try to avoid 1000s of potholes and again fall to death, KCC (Kerry County Council) in the years since it was laid have not once gone as far as the end of the road, they have not even seen how bad it is, it is an absolute terror and disgrace it is seriously damaging to local business and farmers when a lorry or tractor with a load is coming it could end very badly.


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