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UK citizen moving to Ireland with non-EEA partner... help, brain melting.

  • 13-02-2018 1:31pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 chrislemess

    Hi folks, I'm here seeking some information, and to clarify the swirling mess that's in my head after a couple of hours online researching this.
    I am a UK citizen with passport (though do not live there). I'm also Australian. I currently live in Montenegro, with my partner of 5 years. She and I have the usual bits and pieces of evidence of our relationship, which has been consistent and in a state of cohabitation for 4 or 5 years. She is Australian.

    I am currently self employed (I run an accomm. business here) and have lots of cash to show for it, though not a lot of paperwork (it's the Balkans).

    In September we want to move to Ireland, where I will work and she will study (though it's an acting course and does not qualify for student visa). She also wishes to work.

    Can anyone here confirm the order of events we need to follow? The way I see it is:
    1. Get her in to the country, she shouldn't need a visa to enter but may need a C visa as she's coming in with intention of joining me? (She'll travel with me)
    2. Apply for EU1A a few weeks before 3 months is up (this is the permitted family member thing: because we have been in a durable relationship but not married)
    3. Wait for response, then go in and have her passport stamped (Stamp 4?) while we wait up to 6 months for verdict.

    - Why is there a section for the GNIB no (IRP number) in the form EU1A (sorry can't post link, new member)? Isn't that what we're trying to obtain?
    - Do we need the Type C visa to get her in? Is it a risk to turn up at a lax border (eg by train from North) and say if questioned that I am exercising my EU rights?
    - Are there any other easier routes? We intend to marry soon anyway, should we just do that beforehand, would it save a lot of hassle? (I notice the form is much shorter and I like weddings more than I like paperwork).

    Thanks so much for any help you can give!