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Impact Wrestling 2019/2020



  • Camera work is absolute awful for this match

  • So I was wrong

    Chelsea return to join Matt. I did like the Two-Face look

    New tag champs in both men's and women's division. Unfortunately Good Brothers are the men's.

    Thunder Rosa was Deonna's opponent. Losing. She does seem to do that a lot. Mickie then inviting her to NWA.

    No Way Jose joining Fallah Bahh? For one I thought that name was owned by WWE. And puts an end to Tommy's running joke that he even used in this week's Impact.

    And that ending. Jay White turning up before abruptly cutting out with someone else running out from the back.

    So looks like the NJPW and NWA crossovers are getting more use.

  • Good PPV.

    Impact new recruitments are pretty rubbish though, I for one would be happy never to see No Way Jose again.

    Impact overly rely on AEW and NJPW which is nice to get that cross over but I'd fear for them if they didnt have it.

    I'm also bemused by the Moose loss, he's there best guy, it's strange one.

  • Pretty good PPV.

    If one company has benefited the most from the Forbidden Door stuff it has to be Impact. Having Jay White show up at the end was great, had it spoiled unfortunately but makes things very interesting. I do wonder if any of this stuff makes it's way over to Dynamite. Honestly at this stage not having some of this stuff spill over is a poor reflection on AEW (I know there is different deals that might not allow for it).

    The Moose loss is also a shocking one. Assumed he would be the one to bring the title back to Impact but you'd never guess that based on this. Don't know who it's going to be or when at this stage.

    As far as surprises, No Way Jose is okay I guess, hoping he at least changes his character after his initial debut. Chelsea Green is such a strange case, she was at ROH last week but they said she wasn't medically cleared to compete in the tournament at the end of July and here she is now. Wonder if she sticks around in Impact going forward. Thunder Rosa was a cool surprise but doubt she sticks around. Nothing amazing but a solid turn out.

    The main event was excellent, not a hugh Callihan fan but this was probably his best match that I've seen and fair play to Omega doing this type of match for Impact, the man is relentless. This might actually get me to tune into Impact and that's definitely a good sign.

  • Eh what happened there at the end on the replay, it just cut out on me. Anyway, Jay White is just massive for Impact. I legit popped in a way that I can't remember last.

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  • Apparently that was intentional. They made a bit of a hames of it though.

    I think the idea was they would cut with White and Omega staring each other down and that the tease would get people to tune into Impact.

    They cut too late though and we saw FinJuice get into the ring and the commentary called it instead of plugging the weekly show which was a mistake.

  • Crazy that AEW & NJPW closed an Impact PPV.

    The Bullet Club vs The Elite.

    Chelsea who signed with ROH has that opened the door for ROH to walk in.

    The teaser for Bound for Glory had AEW, AAA & NJPW's logo's

  • How does that make Chelsea or Roh look now after them saying she can't compete. I guess a tag match is easier to work with a cast.

    No Way Jose suits as Fallah's partner as a more comedic character.

    I think it was around this time last year we had Wrestle House.

  • I'm not sure what the point was of bringing Thunder in to lose but it did wonders for Deonna.

  • No Way Jose is just being called No Way.

    I'm guessing the can't use the full No Way Jose as the WWE own that but they got away with the introduction as phrase No Way Jose is a commaly know one in the context of the promo that introduced him.

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  • Thought it was an enjoyable show, the main event was excellent. Omega is just too good, any style of match or wrestler it doesn't really matter. Fair play to Callihan too, thought it was the best he looked since his matches with Penta.

    Ultimate X was very good too. Thought Rosa was a nice surprise.

    If this is leading to Omega/White it will be a cracker. I don't really get the criticism towards AEW for this not happening on Dynamite. There's more than enough going on there with the Hangman story that it would take away from it I think. IMPACT has basically become the neutral ground for any match to take place, I like it and think it works for all the parties involved.

  • I'm not as familiar with Rosa's work outside of AEW and some recent NWA matches, but for someone who's said to be one of the best in the world, she does seem to lose a lot. It seems more like an older talent putting younger over. Like you would expect Mickie to do. Is it because she doesn't really seem committed to any company since she appears on NWA, AEW and now Impact?

  • Had an absolute blast at Slammiversary. I used to be massive fan from 2005 to 2012 and kinda dropped off after that. My last time at an Impact show was 2006 in Florida during their peak so it was interesting to see how this iteration of the company would be live.

    I only started casually watching it again since Kenny came into it and even then I would have it as background noise while doing something else.

    The staff at impact couldn't have been nicer, we got our bags of swag including drinks and snacks, an event shirt, VIP laminate, impact towel and plastic cup before it. At the end we got a piece of the ring canvas, a pic on the ramp and a mounted event poster. The crowd was insane all night, even chanting for the ring crew.

    It's always surprising how jacked some wrestlers are in real life that you wouldn't expect. Crazy Steve is an absolute unit and was doing great character work the entire time outside the ring.

    The Ultimate X match was insane, pity it sounds like it looked a little chaotic on TV. Trey Miguel is great, first time really seeing him, Petey W looking fantastic for how long he's been around and I finally get the Josh Alexander hype. Very enjoyable. The German suplex Josh gave to Ace Austin at the start was brutal! He took some hop with it.

    The guy with Myers, can't remember his name was hilarious. Constantly chatting to the crowd and his comedic timing was in point.

    Cass looked good and there was some nice stiff shots in this match too. The apron powerbomb had a sickening thud.

    Mooses chops to Sabin were insane. I got a clip of the second one that I'll fire up. Sabin winning was odd but interesting to see where it goes.

    Place came unglued for Thunder Rosa, was a great surprise.

    Kenny and Sami was great too! I could see Kenny blading from my side and he struggled to get the blade out of the ring, Hebner had to do it for him. I got a great angle of the table piledriver also. Will try attach that too.

    I've had a wild few weeks of hitting different events all over the US so will ease up a little next month haha. I have PWG in LA on August first next and will hit a local show here in Seattle with a promotion called Defy. They have Lance Archer coming next month so should be good. After that it's AEW in NY and I'll chance Bound for Glory also once tickets are out.

  • No idea why the pics are all sideways 😅

  • Rosa is so good she can take the loses while putting over the top female talent in each company.

    She dropped the NWA title to Deeb & lost twice to Kimille her only singles losses in NWA.

    She put over Shida, Britt Baker, Rose in AEW her only 3 singles losses there.

    She put over Purrazzo in Impact.

  • Some of my vids:

    Sami/Kenny piledriver

    Moose chop:

  • Another Saturday event this weekend with Homecoming, including mixed tag tournament.

    I see Deonna is fighting a title vs title match at Triplemania so she could hold 2 belts.

    Kazarian showing up this week, setting up a 6 man match next week

  • Homecoming should be fun tonight.

    I am really looking forward to Alexander vs Black Taurus

  • It was like for the tag matches they were just told to go out and enjoy themselves. Crowd was really into it as well which always helps.

    Deonna's partner just seemed perfectly appropriate. And the chants for Myers' partner after she left the ring was funny.

    Petey and Jordynne as Little Petey Pump and Thicc Mama Pump were enjoyable.

  • Milena facing Deonna for the title at the women's NWA PPV.

    I notice the last couple times he wore the Impact title that Kenny hasn't had the TNA title

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  • Fire'N'Flava no more, with Tasha turning on Hogan with the help of a big lady.

    Tasha is an interesting one, carries herself well but her ring work seems to be iffy from what I've seen.

  • Opens a spot in the women's tag division for someone more iconic.

  • NJPW

     Moose vs Ishii was great last night just what you would expect and hope for as they beat the living hell out of each other.


    Impact has it's own belt collector now in Deonna who is actually a good choice for a female wrestler to do it.

    NWA & AEW next?

  • Zicky Dice gone to impact

    Ideal place for him

  • Zicky will do well there with the focus on character.

    Impact have been quite astute in who they've picked up and brought in from elsewhere, it's a pretty solid roster now.

    Still can't believe Jay White is appearing on their television.

  • They've made some decent signings recently except for no way Jose imo. See nothing in him.

    I think the iiconics would be perfect for Impact. And even though I think he's great and would like to see him in AEW, I think Buddy Murphy would be the star of the show if he went to Impact.

  • No Way Jose seemed to have just been signed as a punchline but now they're keeping him around.

  • Emergence timing could've been better, putting it up against Smackdown and Rampage

  • Christian retires the TNA title.

    So it's just the Impact title now.

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