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For sale

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    Registered Users Posts: 3 Dannyt1994

    Selling many Lego sets at varied prices all sets with figures complete with instructions and boxes all have been opened.
    Sets are as followed
    Milano vs abilisk €40
    Ayeshas revenge €25
    Ravager attack €15
    Spiderman ATM heist €18
    Spiderman beware the vulture €35
    Iron skull sub attack €30
    Thor commodore ship €40
    Black panther pursuit €30
    Kryptonite interception €28
    Rescue from ras al ghul €40
    Heroes of justice sky battle €50
    Killer croc sewer smash €60
    Ultimate bat mobile €120
    Bat cave break in €75
    The scuttler €50
    Lego batman bat mobile €45
    Two face demolition €40
    Joker lowrider €40
    Riddle racer €28
    Arctic roller €28
    Scarecrow harvest €60
    Catcycle chase €15
    Mr freeze attack €15
    Poes xwing €60
    Krennics shuttle €70
    BB8 figure €70
    Kylo ren tie fighter €60
    Y wing star fighter €45
    Yoda star fighter €15
    Luke land speeder €15
    Duel on naboo €15
    Darth Vader transformation €15
    Carbon freezing chamber €15