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Titans (DC universe, Netflix)



  • 3.1: That was wierd! I was like

    What's going on with Jason.. was he messing with some sort of Bane Chemical? Have I forgotten some past story.


    Batman acting wierd.. with that earlier smile and then (I'm guessing) killing the Joker.

    Then there's all these

    murders with the wrapping around the head and that reminds me of the trailer for The Batman and I think that's supposed to be the scarecrow

    So like, I dunno but

    I'm leaning towards thinking there's a bunch of scarecrow stuff going on.. could be totally off

    Also.. Starfire.. she seems more.. vibrant 🙂

  • 3.2: Good to see

    Hawk and Dove back. Hawk seems to be grinning a lot more in costume than I remember.. maybe for a Hawkish look..

    Definitely getting the feeling the

    scarecrow is involved.. especially when they introduced him into the episode.

  • 3.3:

    Nooooooo! Hank! 😧 No Dawnnnn!

    Krypto just walking through the smoke!

    Damn I hadn't a clue which way that was going. Almost thought Hank was a bait and switch for a plot to kill Dawn.

  • That 3rd episode was the best one of the entire show. I think the 2 episodes prior to it were good but this one was edge of your seat stuff and a lot of meaningful interactions between characters.

    This season could be fantastic.

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  • My God, this is scutter. Maybe good acting by the dog. But in all fairness it's one of the worse things ever put to screen.

  • 3.4: Jeez Connor really

    beating himself up there at the start.. and the Dove walks in

    Mostly this episode felt like it was setting up

    for the Titans and Nightwing to be treated more as Vigilantes in Gotham compared to how San Francisco had become more receptive to them.

    The threat from

    Red Hood just doesn't seem really huge.. It feels like he'll be taken down fairly fast when the time comes.

  • 3.5: Yikes. Wasn't expecting to see

    Jasons jaw broken open like that

    Well.. I guess that's the backstory.

    The episodes so far don't seem like Jason/Red Hood/Scarecrow have really made much progress on their big plan.

  • ..

    Not being able to delete post is so ridiculous.

    Really enjoying this season so far.

  • 3.6: Fun episode

    Can't see the season finishing without Blackfire and Connor getting together 😁

    Liked the Barbara backstory development. Good performance put in there by Savannah Welch

    Jason just

    seems a bit delevelled.. like at the end there I was thinking to myself that his new bandname might be Jason and the Red Hoodlums 😂

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  • 3.7: That was a kinda cool

    Superheroes in a Group Pose scene in the warehouse 🙂

    Bit of a shock when

    Valeska shot her own son! 😲

    Saying that though, I did like the

    Starfire and Blackfire story. Blackfires power up and costume were cool enough. Her and Connor.. that's really developing! 😁

    Then at the end, it was cool to see

     Eve Harlow (Molly) again. Eve performed well in another series I caught up on called NeXt. She did well as Molly in the flashback episode earlier as well so looking forward to seeing where the role goes.

  • 3.8: Well, Gotham is

    about to go through something big I'm guessing.. I mean.. I think this was scarecrows goal so it looks like he's got it

    I don't remember

    seeing Scarecrows mother in a show before.. and now.. well.. that seemed like an awful short introduction. She mentioned a sibling though so I'm guessing that could be coming up later.

    That was wierd seeing

    Tim Drake introduced and shot so quick. Not sure if they are going to kill him off and keep Jason.. or maybe Bruce will come back and get Tim back into shape.. and start training him.. unless he becomes a Titans Trained Robin.

    Really fun with the

    relationship between Superboy and Blackfire 😁

  • 3.9: Real artsey feel to that episode.

    I checked the writter to see who was throwing shade on the writer of the earlier episode where

    Donna Troy had died at the Carnival .. but it was one of the two writers of the Carnival episode so I guess it was a bit of a Mea Culpa.

    Last season finale where Donna was killed like that, written by: Richard Hatem & Greg Walker

    This episode written by: Richard Hatem.

    Was good to see Hank again. 🙂 I guess the door is still open for him to return if they want to go in that direction in the future.

    So back to the main Storyline next..

  • I was wondering what they would do with Hank. As we saw, Donna and Tim went back to their bodies, though dunno how Donna knew about Bruce. So considering Hank's body is in a lot of little pieces, he'd be in trouble.

  • 3.10: Ha! I'll give em this much! Amy Winehouse was a great choice for the closing credits!

    The whole episode just felt

    down and glum and drowsy and chaotic

    and.. and I'm not sure but I think they meant to do that

  • 3.11: Well that all got dark and messed up 😧

    Two episodes left this season. I guess

    Nightwing will be taking a dip in the Lazarus Pit

    Superboy is gonna be a bit pissed when he wakes and heals up. Don't think Dick needed to Kryptonite dust Krypto.. not cool Dick!

    Starfire.. with blue fire.. I know blue burns hotter than red fire so not sure if that means she has stronger fire or just something different. Think Titans is really my first intro to her and her background so it's all new to me. When it flashed to her homeworld, I was thinking Darkseid was invading because of the mushroom clouds but obviously not

    Rachel feels a bit last minute added. It's like the show couldn't afford to have her until now and needs to squeeze her story into too short an amount of time

    Damn though..

    Scarecrow cutting himself up! 😲

  • For all the tech in the batcave, you'd think he would have voice recognition/authorization. But seems anyone can access anything.

    I think Jason may be realising he fracked up.

  • Yep, definitely looks like he snapped out of it a bit there at the end.

    I wonder if he's playing a bit of a long-game with Scarecrow, though.

  • I wouldn't say so. He's been an easy target for someone like Crane for a while now. And with the number of people he's killed, including Hank, it would be crazy for the writers to reveal it was all part of his plan. Unless he still plans on being a villain

  • 3.12: The way it's going

    I don't see Crane/Scarecrow succeeding. He's operating on Bat-turf and the batteam (TM) will have way better knowledge of the place/the abilities/the tech and so on so they are at a strategic advantage.. also seems wierd to have taken stuff out of the city that he wants to use on the city.. unless he's planning on using missiles or some battech to deliver his fear toxin

    Big Oooooooh moment there when

    Connor blew up the ship. I didn't see that coming. Blackfire is gonna be pissed. Looks like Connor might be going Lutherey.

    Had a grin when they included the

    big set of Wind up Joker teeth 😁

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  • FYI this was renewed for a 4th Season last night. Hopefully they bring in new writers next season as this current one has been all over the place

  • Definitely feels like they've opened way too many story lines to have on the go at the same time.

  • I don't mind the separate storylines with some overlap. We have Connor with Starfire and Blackfire now, Raven and Gar joining Dick as part of the main Red Hood story and then Donna and Tim. The only one I wasn't a fan of and we don't know where he is is Bruce.

    Couple of parts did feel rushed like Donna appearing in time to stop Bruce then getting to Gotham and Rachel suddenly appearing in time to help Gar.

  • Do you want

    even more insane baddies? because doing that to Scarecrow is how you get even more insane baddies!

    Well that wraps up season 3. Think the highlights of the season were the introduction of Blackfire and Barbara Gordon, who put in good performances, and I can't forget the

    Scarecrow/Redhood killing of Hawk.

    It did feel like the show lost the run of itself with too much going on. Might be back tightened down in a next season.

    3.13: So, that was just .. whelm (if you get my young justice ref 🙂)..

    A lot of things coming together to wrap up a season that cast a really wide net. Definitely copped the Scarecrow flaw last episode of being on the Titans home turf. Big mistake there.

    The Lazarus Pit - Storm was .. I dunno.. I imagine that lots of people publically coming back from the dead in any world would become a game changer.

    Then the end of the episode like a big wrap up to say "well we're done in Gotham.. here's where everyone will be next season" 😁

    Probably will give a next season a shot. Those drums in the intro! 🙂 Also might be good seeing the

    new Robin get trained in.

    Not sure about this road trip.

    The end credits song