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Home cooler system

  • 15-11-2017 11:49pm
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    Had a draught beer system installed in my new house recently (cooler, regulator, taps etc)

    Have Guinness and lager taps installed. Since it has been put in however, the Guinness hasn't been great. It tastes fine, but doesn't have the creamy texture (?) that you get in your local pub.

    Is this something to do with the gas set up? I've read that Guinness uses a special mixture (using nitrogen), but I asked the guys who set me up and they basically said the gas they supplied works for both Guinness and lager.

    My Guinness settles within seconds of pouring and doesn't hold its head very well (after a couple of sips it looks pretty miserable)

    Is there anything I can do to get a better pint? Spent a few quid on the system so a bit disappointed with what I'm getting. Not a pint I'd be proud to have people around to taste.

    Any advice appreciated.


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    More information needed, I think. What gas mix have you got?

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    You'll have to contact BOC about their Suremix and sell will they rent to you.

    Other than that is to stink a sparkler on your tap

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    Sounds like there is no filter on the Guinness tap, unscrew it and there should be a little silver disc inside with a few holes. Guessing you have suremix 25 for gas. Is the regulator a mixed one?