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January Intake



  • Anyone in here confirm that the documents are sent back to the address within the pack and that nothing needs taken to the local station?

    Something nagging me at the back of my head that people used to have to take something to their nearest station.

    Yep just post them back. You don't have to take anything to the station.

  • Guys I got my call last December and started in January it’s hard to believe a year has nearly passed already! It took about 2 half yes from application until I got in such a long process and I’m not gonna lie it’s been a hard year! GV is really tough and I was glad to get out but being out on the ground and putting all that stuff you learn into real life scenarios is a big awakening! I’m 5 months in and I’m still thinking what am I doing here lol so don’t be put off if you don’t feel totally comfortable for a while it does take time it’s really hard work and there’s an unbelievable amount of information procedures etc that you can only learn by doing them. So the best of luck and the best way to get through GV is by keeping your head down and enjoy it as much as you can. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the post PSNI26 - always nice to hear from people who are steps ahead in the process.  It does seem to be very daunting as no-one knows what to expect and the amount of learning looks to be nearly impossible with procedures, legislation, definition and use of equipment etc.  In saying that, plenty of people have done it so when I get the call, I'll remain sick with nerves probably be a bit apprehensive but it seems to me that each squad pulls each other through in the end.

    Hope you're enjoying it.  Stay safe!

  • Massive thanks 26! Great to have some insight into What's ahead, its scary and exciting. I already have no idea how i got this far, worried im going to get there and they will say oh you shouldnt even be here lol

  • Drummer64 wrote: »
    Massive thanks 26! Great to have some insight into What's ahead, its scary and exciting. I already have no idea how i got this far, worried im going to get there and they will say oh you shouldnt even be here lol
    I often think like that as well at times. 

    You are where you are because of who you are.  The IST determined you have a decent level of intelligence.  The AC determined you have the right characteristics.  The PCA and Medical determined you are fit enough to begin training and healthy enough for a long career.  You have ticked all the boxes and deserve your place ahead of others who maybe just weren't ready.

    I applied to this job when I turned 18, and regularly through my 20's.  I failed each time.  I then thought I'll have one last go and what will be, will be... and I'm now just waiting on the call.  In hindsight and with general life experience, I know now that I wasn't ready back then.  It's easy to think like that but at the end of the day, you're ready now so embrace it.  Yes, you'll be nervous, worried and concerned but you wouldn't be here now if the PSNI thought otherwise.

    Everyone will feel the same but as a squad you will pull each other through.  Your weaknesses will be someone else's strength and vice-versa.  It's gonna be hard work like never before but it's also a dream career which few people can say they have.

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  • If I could give any advice for GV and starting out when you graduate is to take one day at a time because there were so many moments I thought how the hell am I going to learn all of this or do this practical well or get all of this work done on time but you literally just have to take one day as it comes and not to worry about what’s ahead because you can stress yourself out. Enjoy the fun times and work hard and yous will be grand :)

  • Brilliant post redpool nice to see im not alone and good Job your hard work and determination is paying off. Cant wait!

  • Anyone logged into the online learning yet?

  • Davy85 wrote: »
    Anyone logged into the online learning yet?

    I'd advise starting online learning asap. I didn't get it finished until a day or two before intake.

  • Logged in to take a look but it didnt look like it was all there. I am going to get stuck in tommorrow i think :)

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  • That's the same with me. I've logged in and made a note of some stuff but tomorrow is the day! :)

  • Cant find the right materials anywhere. Anyone find it yet?

  • Can't even post on the forum to query it. Hopefully they'll have it set up properly on Monday, because it appears to be all post intake material, still good to see what's ahead of us.

  • I actually saved a few key things from it in case it is gone when they update it.

  • It seems to be all up and running now, let the fun begin!

  • Yo January how you all getting on?

  • Unfortunately, the vast majority of boardies abandon us as soon as they get to GV. It's only a decent few that remain and share their experiences :(