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DeepChord (Echospace/Soma/Astral) Irish debut @ Sound House this Friday

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    Welfare & Jasper present :

    Deepchord (LIVE)
    > echospace [detroit] / Soma / Modern Love
    Irish Debut

    Barry Greaves
    > Realsound

    Soft Stone
    > DDR

    Friday 13th October - 11pm @ the Sound House
    €15 on the door. No advance sales.
    Funktion 1 Sound.

    << DEEPCHORD >>
    Rod Modell (a.k.a. Deepchord) is a sound-designer with 25 years involvement in electronic music and well over 50 releases under various aliases and styles. Beginning with more "industrial" and "ambient" forms of sonic experimentation (working with Kim Cascone and his -then- record-label Silent, and performing with notable industrial acts such as Chris & Cosey and SPK). While attending Art School for Photography, Rod lived in Detroit's Eastern-Market area, the location of the infamous "techno boulevard", and home to Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson during that time. Submersed in the blossoming Detroit Techno scene (early 1990s), a journey from a more experimental sound into Detroit's techno-world was inevitable. Modell co-founded the Deepchord record label in Detroit during the mid-90s. Deepchord respected and admired (fellow Detroiters) Underground Resistance for their D.I.Y. attitude and independence. It was because of this respect and admiration that Deepchord declined offers from top techno labels of the time, in favor of doing it by themselves. Many consider Deepchord to be the second wave of the "Basic Channel sound", and came years before the onslaught of imitators.
    After 16 releases on Deepchord, Rod went onto co-found Echospace with Soultek. Echospace has released 3 full length albums and five 12 singles on Modern Love (Boomkat), and a slew of singles on their Echospace imprint. 2007s "The Coldest Season" and 2010s "Liumin" are critically acclaimed electronic music classics. The Deepchord vault of albums, singles & specially curated mixes is, well..deep!

    For more >

    Barry Greaves is one of Dublin’s most respected DJs, having been active for almost 10 years. He has mixed his way through various incarnations of Dublin’s electronic landscape always maintaining a demand for his carefully selected sets which display a deep knowledge of the best electronic sounds past and present.

    Initially becoming interested in electronic music and DJing in the early 2000's, his style was shaped by the then burgeoning techno scene which saw Detroit and Europe's best acts playing on a regular basis. He also began discovering more ear opening sounds provided by D1's seminal D.E.A.F. festivals. Since then Barry’s tastes have fragmented with an ever increasing appreciation for deep and experimental sounds while still maintaining a firm eye on the floor.

    This broad taste makes Barry just as at home building warm-up sets as he is playing peak time in clubs, warehouses and festivals around the country. Having held residencies in the Twisted Pepper, The Pod and Wax, Barry has played support to international acts like Robert Hood, DJ Bone, Claro Intelecto, Delta Funktionen, Abdulla Rashim, Charlton, Donnacha Costello, Octave One, Hardfloor, Xosar, Kevin Reynolds, Detroit Techno Militia, Sunil Sharpe, A Sagittariun & more.

    Currently Barry is working with Realsound, a company he has had a long association with through running events, podcasts and more recently a record label. RLSD Records has just pressed the second release, Morphic Resonance, featuring Jon Hussey, Rory St John, Takaaki Itoh and Fran Hartnett. The label will serve as a platform for Barry's own productions in the near future.

    << SOFT STONE >>
    This mysterious artist, when asked for a bio, just said to let the music do the talking.. very much looking forward to his live support set!

    So here you are.. from 1hour 30 mins onwards..