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Please someone on 3 network mobile help me access pre sale tickets for upcoming gig

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    I've recently moved from Donegal to Derry, I'm now on a uk contract so do not qualify for the pre sale tickets which come on sale on Tuesday.

    I'm hoping someone on 3 may be able to help me out.

    I need to get tickets to the roger waters us and them gig at the 3arena on June 26th.

    Now general release is this Thursday coming ( and I'll be in work) but they are doing pre release tickets this Tuesday. So 3 customers obtain a text code to access the pre release tickets.


    Presale Tickets - Three Community

    It's for the fiancee's birthday, I've hotel and all booked and worried I might miss out as I've been shafted left right and centre recently trying to get tickets to different events.

    In other words, would it be possible for you to obtain a pin/text code so I can obtain the tickets. It would be so greatly appreciated, please someone drop me a private message for help 🙂



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