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Heavyweight Boxing



  • I haven’t heard Dubois named but he’d be a fool to take the fight from a boxing point of view. Joyce would make for an interesting fight but too slow. I can’t stop thinking about the Lewis right cross for him. I think he’d be the worst possible fantasy match up for Joyce.

  • did anyone see the end of the AJ interview when he tried to become some sort of bad man?

  • Hard to even fathom that someone could be more cringe inducing than Wilder but AJ out done him at the end,

    You can see why Fury has never been worried about him

    It sound crazy but the way AJ is all over the shop recently i would actually love to see the rematch with Whyte , As limited as Whyte is i think he would really try to put it on AJ & see what AJ really has left in the tank ,

  • AJ doesn't have the intestinal fortitude as Iron Mike would say. Fury's will is what sets him apart from the pack. I wonder will we ever see Fury v Usyk? He's a puzzle for Fury and would be a major test of his style.

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  • AJ must be hard work to be around. All that talking in circles and not making any point.

  • A fascinating fight. I hope we see it - this is boxing though so we'll probably get a Usyk Joshua trilogy and Fury fighting a series of cans.

  • My God. I’ve just finished the last 15 mins of it. He sounded like he was drunk, high or concussed. Incredible amount of nonsense.

    Funny a couple of cousins of mine and me went to the Whyte Rivas fight and he was saying that way back then. He keeps going back to it. He called Usyk to win and maybe even stop him and he reckons Whyte will get another go at him and take him, just hoping that it happens for a belt. He likes Whyte but I thought those were well put together arguments.

    This shiit about everyone knows what I’m about I fight anyone. He hasn’t really been given an opportunity to do that because the division was missing elite opposition with Fury out but he priced himself out of the Wilder fight for all the belts. He fought turkeys like Takam and Pulev (at this stage) and wanted to fight Millar. He had no fighting spirit in his two losses. Ruiz ripped him apart and he didn’t have the grit to hang in there. In the rematch he ran and even though I believed that should be his tactic he still didn’t want to fight. He was aided that Ruiz turned up fulla jelly. That interview was so unconvincing. Full of contradiction. Rob will likely be kept around for the look of it but he will have a different trainer.

  • ^^^ If Ruiz had shown up in shape he'd have caught up to Joshua a few times and would have beaten him again.

  • I've often made the comparison between Bruno and Joshua

    Wilder smacks the sh1t out of Bruno and Joshua all day. One thing I took from the 3rd fight is wilder does have heart. He was willing to die in the ring

    Not every fighter has that'll notice them, the guy that turns his back his opponent when he's in bother. You know his goose is cooked

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  • But Wilder likely would have been taken out far earlier had Joshua been connecting and following up.

    Fury was quite poor in the finishing sense. Took him too many rds to put away a fighter that was gassing badly for rds.

    I still think Wilder-AJ is a 50/50 three rds toss up

  • If AJ hits Wilder with the KO perhaps. But AJ has no heart. If it gets into the trenches Wilder wins I think

  • There won’t be any trenches for AJ or Wilder. Either lands clean and it’s lights out.

    but yes, Wilder has more fight/gusto.

  • On recent evidence I'd say Joshua would s**t himself if he was in the ring with Wilder.

    Deer in the headlights comes to mind.

  • I agree here pal. I once saw it like that but Joshua has fought very timidly since Ruiz. Would he really go in swinging?

    also look how long it took Joshua to get rid of pulev that wouldn’t inspire much confidence.

  • He doesn’t need to go swinging..

    he, like Wilder, just needs to land clean. If Wilder gets hit hard, he will be badly hurt, and AJ won’t let him off the hook

    of course, same applies in reverse.

    both very vulnerable

    and in my view, the two recent Fury losses have taken a lot from Wilder

    folks shouldn’t be surprised if Wilder is half the man on his return.

  • He’s landed clean on plenty of lads before and either not put them away or taken time to do it. I think wilder is the more likely to land. Joshuas losses have taken their toll too but wilder has at least shown he won’t give up in there.

    I do agree the fearsome aura is gone forever now and lesser lights can ko him. Seen that with Liston (just checked he got ko’d long after Ali) but yea a bad ko takes its toll

  • AJ refusal to answer on the game plan says a lot to me,

    I reckon the plan was to start boxing but then lay it on Usyk but once he caught tagged in the 4th i think he didn't have the confidence to stay inside and try to hurt him, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt & say i don't think AJ was afraid of getting knocked out i think he is afraid of tiring out

    There is something about him lately where you just don't get the sense of fire in him, Even his 20 second bad man rant at the end of that interview had no soul to it, it was like it was badly scripted ,

    For example that one 30 second clip that went around pre Fury v Wilder 3 where Fury is asked to give Wilder a massage & he says "i'm going to smash your **** face in you prick, How's that for a message"

    Yes its just words & some will say not needed but you could sense a real fire & stubborn determination from him it summed up the how Fury was in the ring seconds before the first bell staring a hole in Wilder still telling him the same thing & determined to do it, While knowing & accepting he is going to have to get through so dark moments in there to achive it ,

    AJ for me tries the humble wise man sh*t but does it out so much he has started to believe it so he get's stuck in that "zone" , He doesn't enter the ring with that fire or malice , he's not in there for a proper fight so when the fight started to get away from him he couldn't dig deep., He needs to find that switch again

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  • I don't think AJ has the tank. Watched the 5th round against Vlad again and he started great, dropped him and then gassed badly to the point that he nearly got stopped himself. AJ can only sustain big offence for half a round at a time. Never really seen him keep pressure on anyone for multiple consecutive rounds. Standing far away and jabbing doesnt count.

  • The avoidance of that question was wrecking my head too. surely he could have talked about the gameplan and what didn’t work well for him. He kept going cryptic about reasons that aren’t excuses… but really are. He lost that fight on the night more than anything else. How many times did he talk about the sweet science and painfully elaborate to hit and not get hit as though this is some kind of new way. Then he was oldschool looking for a war.

    I agree with you there. Fury had a short message every time rather than this vague nonsense. He is still refering to himself as champ too… He looks like he wants to swim but not get wet so often and that interview was a wreck.

    The round 5 was a strange one. Was it all gas tank? Wlad threw 3 mean left hooks, missing with the third but coming in then with a big right. Then joshua walked right into another left hook. Those would stop anyone in their tracks. If he fought with Wlad like he fought with Usyk then Wlad wouldve easily knocked him out imo or walked to a points victory if he chose that.

  • Hes a strange fighter because he has had a few late stoppages after looking knackered in the previous couple of rounds. Hes so big I guess he has to manage the tank.

  • What is referring to about the Ruiz fight,

    For a long time there is talk about something happened pre fight, he said in that interview i won't make excuses but after the fight i learned of certain things that happened before that fight that are reasons i lost, He then says look at me during in the entrance I'm not myself,

    Is he getting at something wrong with his water or food or what ?

    He keeps saying i won't make excuses but he is he is just not explaining them, In my view that's worse than Wilder ,

    Also when talking about changing his style to prolong his career he mentioned getting beat downs that we don't see in the gym, Maybe the rumours has suffered several ko's in the gym are true & why he has become far more timid

  • Rumours he got sparked sparring before the fight wasn't there?

  • That was a rumour think it was American heavy weight Joey Dawejko

  • I really enjoyed that fight at the time. I was up for Wlad and my friends were up for AJ. Some serious excitement in those two rounds.

    At the time and I suppose I still am now , I was impressed AJ got back into the fight and won it.

    I was thinking Wlad was done in the 5th then heard and seen the left hook Froch mentioned later that round and was buzzing again.

  • AJs performance in Wlad fight should be commended. Yes, he tired. He was 250 lbs in there giving it his all.

    But the main thing is that he regrouped, got the second wind and closed the show in style, against a still dangerous Wlad, even if he was past his best. AJ showed a lot of heart, fitness, fortitude and finishing prowess.

    It was quite an intense cardio sapping fight....they are huge men as well, and throwing such heavy leather.

    Not the first big HW to tire badly and then get a second wind.....

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  • Didn't watch the interview and won't as I hate them long format ones.

    However on the gameplan point my own theory is that Joshua simply doesn't want to admit that he was badly advised and further to that he doesn't have the wherewithal to rectify or even recognise if things aren't working as planned himself.

    So basically he doesn't want to hang McCracken out to dry and also doesn't want to admit that he himself hasn't a clue how to best fight his fights and furthermore can't recognise if he's losing.

    He bought wholesale into the box and move, a good jab can take you round the world nonsense. And it's been laid bare before him that tis only a pipe dream against decent opposition.

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  • Yep. He worked an opening and he went for it and then was a little naive and a wily veteran pulled him into deep water

    when the going got tough he gassed and wasn’t fit to swing a thump but he clung on in there and went again

    impressive finish in the end. The pity is that style made him and gained him a fan base which is greatly diminishing by now with the manner of defeat and victory. No one but Tony bullshit bellww liked the way he won the Ruiz match