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Best place to sell

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    Hi guys, found myself with some mint condition sets that I'm now looking to get rid of, but I don't know much about the Lego community and where is best, any advise /direction would be appreciated.

    (mint as in unopened and also they're no longer in production)



    I'm a fan of Adverts myself as if people are nearby, they'll agree to meet up. Saves on postage and fuss :)

  • is probably the most convenient. eBay is an option, but it's a lot of hassle to set up and manage, not really worth it if you're not going to be selling regularly IMO. You could look at a dedicated LEGO community such as, where you can sell on the forums, but you will almost definitely have to post abroad.
    If you do put them on Adverts leave a link here so we can all take a look too :)

  • Cheers guys, yeah ebay etc with the posting globally fills me with dread. Had popped one up on adverts yesterday to see how it would go- wasnt sure if there was much interest in Lego on there so glad to hear it as a suggestion. Really appreciate the help! Link to the ad below as requested

  • One other piece of advice: use Bricklink as a price guide. If you're not familiar with Bricklink, it's the biggest online market for sets and loose pieces, and a pretty good indicator of a set's value. Checking eBay can be deceiving, because sellers tend to put ludicrous prices on listings which people can mistake for an item's value, when in reality it will never sell for that (checking 'sold' listings only can help, but often an item will have gone for best offer, which I don't think you can see).
    If you go to and type in a set number, you can find the 'price guide' tab a little down the page. Here is the price guide for 10228 Haunted House.

    As you can see, it has sold for an average price of €292 over the last six months. Asking €400 might be a little ambitious, but if you're not in any rush I guess it's no harm to see if someone will bite (or at least put a half decent offer on it). Good luck in any case!

  • I agree with the above but I usually manage expectations from Bricklink prices as there will almost always be more and cheaper sellers in the states which wouldn't include the wallop of postage. If I'm pricing a set, I'll compare to the European sellers.

    If I want to sell faster, I undercut European sellers which doesn't always work as there needs to be a person who wants the set on the other end of the deal. That Haunted House set is a real gem but the size of it can be intimidating so chances are, the only people bidding are people chancing their arm with low-ball offers and genuine sellers. No Sunday market folk :) I found it the same with the Comic-Con sets I'm selling, they never hit the public market so people are unlikely to buy them.

    Good luck with selling your sets, Adverts can be fickle but usually worth it. If you're selling something pricey, maybe wait until the beginning of the month when people have just been paid :D

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  • Cheers guys, I did check that site but I know people never pay asking so more waiting on a decent offer and due to size I'm willing to deliver within reason so that's allowed for in the optimistic price. I'm presuming if I put it up for circa 300 I'll only get 250, hence the inflation with delivery /postage and a buffer for below asking offers.

  • I think that's a good price - I payed 420 for mine last year

  • Yeah I had a look there and there's not a whole lot of them in the EU and what's there is a about 330 plus postage so will leave at that price for now. I know the last six months sale is averaging just under 300 but current average price is higher again.

    Not in a rush to sell anyway so will leave it circa 400 and see what happens.