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The podcast/ Facebook group



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    SB_Part2 wrote: »
    Someone mailed her giving her abuse and said that she wasn't raped she was just easy.

    She was also being accused of being the sole reason someone tried to commit suicide.

    TBH I don't blame her for archiving the group.

    Leaving my personal opinions aside (dont agree with the trolls, the opinions etc etc), from a marketing point of view and after building up a page/brand i dont think she should have deleted it. The number one rule is to leave all content as is, and move on. The saying yesterdays news is tomorrows chip paper as they say.

    But to even start a topic like this anyway, i think it wasnt thought out at all. Rape is a massive touchy subject, and rightly so, dont throw anything out on social media if you cant sand over what your saying and defend/debate it.

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    Jthreehats wrote: »
    Again.... they spoke about consenting to sex because you don't want to have an awkward conversation, like rosemaries article. Not freezing due to paralysing fear. They have been totally jumped on. as if anyone would say that?? And yeah, if you get totally ****ed up you are more likely to be assaulted. Not ok, they talked about ways to keep yourself safer, And personal responsibility. Rosemary article was dangerous and needed to be publicly addressed it's nothing to do with not liking her. See the massive thread that started as a result of her article

    Just because there's an After Hours thread disagreeing with her doesn't mean she's wrong.

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    Just like there was a large disagreement with the content and views of the podcast from people who listened to it.

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    Mod Jthreehats, please read the charter. You must have more than 50 posts to post in this forum.

    Everyone else, stick to the topic. This is about the podcast, not RMC's old blog post, which was discussed in detail in the AH thread.

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    I listened to it today(had downloaded it before it was removed) and for the first bit I was seeing their point but then they started going on about Jenny's brother could possibly be jailed for having drunken sex and then to say that if you get shítfaced and subsequently raped you have an apportionment of blame, seriously. I then listened to it a second time(on a long walk with vcranky baby) and if I was a rape or sexual abuse victim you can hear so much victim blaming.

    Yes it has fallen back in the girls faces and yes they have fúcked up, I don't feel Lyndsey's apology was sincere and I haven't seen one form a Jenny but what's done is done, lesson learned I hope.

    There's a new post on the It Galz Instagram so the must intend to keep doing podcasts and I see one of the sponsors commenting so they're still on board. Also see from social blade they are gaining new followers daily.

    As they say any media is good media :p

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    I listened to the podcast when it came out... Well, whatever they were trying to say, really didn't come across well. I got the feeling that the podcast was MEANT to go in the direction of revoking consent (ie, had sex, regretted it, and calling it rape). However, if that's what they were trying to talk about, it really didn't work. The laughing and lack of research was insane. I really didn't feel that the podcast was set out with the intention of blaming victims, but their language around the whole thing left a lot to be desired. The conduct of the two girls after the whole thing, well Jesus that was an absolute disaster. They should have taken time to reflect on it, and not gone on the attack. Blocking and deleting comments from rape victims is disgusting. Thank God I have never been in a situation like some of the poor ladies trying to comment, but I can only imagine their fury when they were essentially being silenced. Rape is obviously such a sensitive subject, a huge amount of care needs to be used when discussing it on a public platform. People will interpret what you say in a completely different light if you arent careful. I do think though that the witch hunt of the girls who made the podcast needs to stop, I can kinda see why the page was archived. Post after post was being put up, and the whole conversation was just escalating. Throwing into the mix the accusation of a suicide attempt that was allegedly due to being triggered by the podcast, I can see why the page was archived. The whole thing was an absolute ****show, and no good has come of this. I dont't think the intention was to hurt anyone, but the podcast was terrible, poorly planned, and extremely upsetting for those who have been victims of rape/assault.

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    Never previously heard of them till this video. I see they also did a podcast mocking mens mental health. They sound like delightful people.