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JJ V Bjj beginner advice

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    38 years young and have looking to try something very different, used to play rugby way back but that seems a life time ago, hoping to take the plunge and start at JJ or Bjj this week, I'm living in monaghan and looking advice, recently on seen there is a Bjj club in emyvale
    which is only 10 mins from home, from bookface training days are Wednesdays & Fridays, due to work these days are not great it is hit and miss that I would be able to make every week.
    Other options there is JJ club in Ballygawley approx 15-20 mins away
    Training one day a week on Tuesday.
    Armagh JJ can make Armagh in 20-25 mins.
    training Sundays & Fridays.

    Due to work schedule would it be possible or foolish to train in multiple places during the week?
    Would it be better to stick to JJ or Bjj and not do both at the beginning?
    What is recommended to wear for first classes?

    Im probably over thinking it, so just I'll go and enjoy and see what happen!