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Leicester City vs Tottenham Hotspur 7:45pm



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    Unreal performance as it should be, 38 games in a season. There's never an excuse for tailing off. Weak mentality.

    Most enjoyable win of the season by a mile, decimated Leicester.

    No Eriksen on the pitch, wasn't even missed. As others have mentioned Son has been outstanding. Give players the benefit to bed in.

    Kane says he wants to score four against Hull, bring it on baby.

    Sissoko was so far off the pace last night, it would take a miracle for him to turn it around.


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    joeguevara wrote:
    Bale going to united: we have first option on him and would love him back..,hate to see him go to opposition.

    Not a hope when at least 4 other epl teams can pay him more for a week's work than we can pay him in a month.

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    Deise Vu wrote: »
    Anyone who thinks they can predict this is talking through their hole but why should I break the habit of a lifetime? :p:p:p Spurs have secured second and the only thing left to play for is an outside chance of Kane retaining the Golden Boot and some tiny, miniscule, modicum of revenge for last year. Leicester have hit some form since they shafted Claudio. They would go 9th tonight with a win and could even finish 8th on Sunday which is worth a few bob more than their current 11th position. That would be a respectable result given their early season (self-inflicted) travails. They are also playing at home and I'm sure would get great satisfaction out of beating Spurs again.

    Clearly we are the better team but I would worry that they will want it more. I expect us to play them off the park for the first 20 minutes but find it hard to score against their usual 25 man defence. If we make an early breakthrough the heart says 3-1 to us with Kane getting the 2 goals he needs to get back to the top of the scoring charts. My head says the sparkle fizzles out after half an hour and Vardy gets a sneaky late winner.

    To be honest, roll on next season, I might just go for a walk.

    Deserves quoting :D
    How good does it feel to be that wrong!

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    Deserves quoting :D
    How good does it feel to be that wrong!

    I'll just refer you to the first line and leave it at that!

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    Great performance, Well done Son, 20+ for a bit part player. What can u say about Harry.

    Sissoko is not for us, he's just not our type of player.

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    Dembele - rolls royce of a player.
    My favourite player at the club... "OHHHHH Moussa Dem bele ........" etc etc ...

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    awesome - what a team