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The Witcher - Netflix **Spoilers**



  • Yeah, looks like there will be a lot of action. Hyped!

  • Yeah like it's wierd they even think anyone who's seen the first season needs reminding about the action 😁

    Like.. maybe there's going to be story trailers but they don't want people to think they've forgotten about the fights and magic and stuff too 😁

  • Looks like it might have had a few more sheckles thrown its way.

  • Jesus Christ, will someone ever take Netflix's chequebook away from them? They have no head for money at all.

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  • Small clip of monster action; CGI looking ... about the same?

  • Can't remember season one very well. Think the big close up fight with a monster I remember was in a cave. Maybe the forest adds some complexity to the special effects.

  • Not really Wicher related as such, but a reminder that Henry Cavill, a human cinder-block, is a huge nerd. Guy is probably having a ball getting to play the lead from a favourite video-game.

  • 2.1: Oh that was a decent opener! Starting off with a kind-of where-is-everyone but focusing in on a Witcher story.

    Does look like they've got more budget.

    Action reminding me of the Anime Film. Although, the Anime is set in the past so it's not needed and the shortest wording (1 sentence maybe) covered the events of it. This spoiler I mention events from the anime (though they might help understand this episode):

    Though the episode reveals the Witchers were made from children turned to monsters in their HQ. I don't think it mentioned the Witchers getting into the Monster making themselves.. before obviously get almost wiped out by their own scheming.

    In this episode, I thought the Bruxa fight really had the intense fast paced feeling of the fighting in the Anime.

    One weak point that quickly disappeared I thought was

    the look of cursed-Nivellen. The prosthetics felt out of place for how Witcher characters felt and the look of the Bruxa highlighted the difference. Good that the show uncursed him. Not sure if he'll appear again after he said he tried to kill himself before and Geralts parting words.

    As for remembering.. I did find myself a bit hazy.

    I watched this 1 min recap (youtube - H6Aq-BtrFxg) and this 2 minute emotion setter (youtube - mPRwlh0FJfs).

    Still though, those recaps and this episode just got me remembering there was a lot more to the show.

    So, I'll probably watch the 15 minute recap from netflix before moving on:

    The Witcher in 15 Minutes | Netflix

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  • Did it leak early?

    I just finished a rewatch

  • Yes colour me confused. It's out friday is it not? Anyway my favourite show on Netflix in recent times so really looking forward to it.

  • Only the first episode leaked, as far as I'm aware.

  • Yeah just saw the first episode available online this morning. I can wait until tomorrow.

  • Is it a weekly drop?

  • Don't think so. Netflix usually drops all at once IIRC; think this was just a leak of the first episode?

  • No, thankfully. All eight episodes drop tomorrow.

  • Oh yes! That was 15 minutes WELL SPENT! Definitely refreshed my memory of the first season.

    Earlier I mentioned one aspect of season 2 felt off but I was reminded it was in season 1 too.

    The Witcher in 15 Minutes | Netflix

    I saw there's a four minute official video on the Anime but it talks very businessey.. and is kinda an interview with one of the show Producers. She does give an idea of Geralts mind at this point though.

    Youtube Link: The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf | Ending Explained | Netflix

    This four minute recap of the Anime came up in the youtube search results and felt like proper recap.

    The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Recap | Ending Explained

    So a strong recommend of the 15 minute season one recap.

    The fan recap of the anime might help understand some history Geralt might bring up/relate to.

    The official video about the anime.. is a bit businessey but does add a little.

  • 2.2: Wow, a stronger second episode! Good shoutout to Nightmare of the Wolf too.

    That was a real moment there in Kaer Morhen when they had to take out Eskel. Nightmare of the Wolf really made that feel a bit deeper.

    I assume there's some magic stuff happening if the Leshen couldn't turn people before.

    Not sure if that was a demon in the forest hut with Yennefer. Felt very coincidental that the Witchers were just talking about a demon bound in a forest before that.

  • Just binged through season 2 between last night and today. Epic is probably the only fitting description i could give. I think there will be a lot of new fans of the show after the holidays.

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  • 2.3: Seems to me that

    those two sorceresses who took the deal are in for a bad ole time when their bargain comes due. Yennefer looks like she'll resist the temptation.

    Fair f*cks to Ciri for taking the knocks and keeping on chugging.. can't believe she missed that last part of the course. She'd do it the next time I'd say.

    Also, 😲 WTF was

    that creature that killed the Leshy and came after Ciri!

  • 2.4: Oh not bitter.. nope not bitter at all.. not when it's added to the credits at the end too!

    Jaskiers back! Thing a bit of mutual missing of Geralt shared with Yennefer there.. without them saying it in words.

    So Ciri is something of an Elder.. I'm not sure or maybe I don't remember if Elders were brought up before. This whole making of Witchers is a big nod to the Anime. I hope Vesemir isn't thinking anything dark for Ciri with it! Like maybe a donation of blood instead of making an experiment out of her.

    That old Elf had a decent enough redemption arc story for such a short appearance I thought. Very grim story but felt like he did the '**** the North' line to try make up for not helping in the sewer.

    Have to say.. at the mid-point now.. season 2 has been really strong.

    Really building up as the episodes have gone along.

    Sometimes a show might be trying to save money/budget in the middle but it doesn't feel like it here.

  • I'm only just on to episode 4 but enjoying this season considerably more with the linear story telling and the action is a bonus too...

  • 2.5: Ah For .. Sake!

    Freakin forcing a Yennefer baddie role.. well.. he we go again..

    Don't know or remember this new mage who was stuck in prison and caught Jaskier. Thought Yennefer did well with the booze idea given she didn't have powers.

    Liking the build up of Ciri, Geralt and Vesemir as a kinda family.. the whole Witcher HQ has been built up well to feel like that now.

    At the bedside, with the three of them, she looked like she really would've fit into the picture as a next generation Witcher.. if the potion didn't kill her.

    So anyway, very vague on this but.. the Monoliths appear to be portals.. the portals are to other Sphere which I'm guessing are other planets .. Ciri is an Elder (I'm still unsure what that means).. maybe Elders control the portals.. looks/sounds like Ciri/Elders can use portals as a communication tool.

    Minor gripe that it looks like the show

    didn't put in for a cameo by the Calanthe actress Jodhi May for the Ciri vision.. I'm 90% sure that's who the back of the head they showed was.

  • I really enjoyed the Season. I wasn't expecting to get lost in it as I was so so on 1, but I was really pulled in.

    Particularly impressed with Freya Allen and Henry Cavill.

  • 2.6: Well, that's heated things up for the last two episodes!

    I get a slight inkling that Yennefers really trying to work out how to not actually betray Geralt. Maybe a double-double-cross coming up.

    Roach gone.. didn't back down from that monster for a second.

    So for the overall story.. my current take is that there's gonna be a new crowd call the Elders coming along.. Maybe as an invasion.

    Finally.. SLO-MO Tooth Punch! 😲 and SWORD THROUGH FACE!!! 😲😲😲 Hilarious when the fight started and Geralt looked at the four dudes, I was like 'Sup Fellas' 😁

  • I think the Witcher is my comfort show.

    Watched the first 2 episodes and it's already more polished than the previous season. I love Yennefer. The actress who plays her is great.

  • Just finished and damn I want more episodes, hope we don't have to wait 2 years for another season

  • Just finished the show last night, and I really did enjoy it. As a book reader, I found some of the changes to be odd. Mostly harmless in terms of the plot, but still off.

    Killing off Eskel. It seems really strange to me that they'd add/invent a bunch of new Witchers in Kaer Morhen, but then go away and kill one of the actual Witchers.

    Another strange one was definitely

    How they use Vesemir. Never would Vesemir endanger Ciri in any way, and certainly wouldn't take the risk of stabbing her.

    With that said, I much preferred the costume design this time around, Yennefer was far far better this season, possibly because there was less screaming or more likely because Anya Chalotra is more comfortable in the role.

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  • A bit of a mixed bag this season. The first half of it was more enjoyable and engaging than the second half, but it's still pretty solid overall, especially in the acting department, but with one glaringly bad performance by the actress portraying Francesca Findabair. I think I enjoyed the first season a little bit more than this one, though.