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Do you really need a car?



  • Hi OP.

    I have two cars, but I only "need" one. As I can't drive the two at the same time. There is no additional pollution generated.

    I have private parking, so nobody else is discommoded.

  • We do low mileage. We could possibly lose one car. But only if there was a cheap and convenient way to use an extra car at the weekends. At the moment the cost of doing that (car sharing or car rental) is so close to owning and running a second car. But far less convenient. That keeping an second car is still worth the little extra its costs.

  • Well Leo has said in the Dail today that Metrolink is not being scrapped for people who live in North Dublin, contary to the MOS article on it last Sunday, because no government decision has been made on it yet. If that project is being included in the upcoming NDP very soon; I suppose that you would be happy to see it being committed to by both the government & the NTA. If you're travelling to Dublin Airport even in normal times the amount of cars & buses that travel through the Airport during the week would be monumental at times because of the amount of people who travel through it every so often. Plus when you use the car to travel to the airport. If you use the car to park it in the car parks; the charges could be eyewatering for less frequent foreign travellers living here.