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Medical Science

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    I'm considering studying Medical Science next year in GMIT but I don't really have a lot of information about the course and would love if one of ye could help me out!
    I love biology in school-I do honours and my grades would usually be an A/B grade. However, I don't do chemistry or physics and I'm wondering would that affect me a lot going into this course? Like, would my interest in biology be enough, if that makes sense? I also do pass maths but I'm aiming for an O1 in that.
    Also, this might sound like a stupid q, but is the course all its hyped up to be? The description, for me, sounds extremely interesting and something I would deffo be interested in! My favourite topics in biology would be circulatory, genetics, all the systems, immunity etc. However, a lot of people have told me that the job itself is quite boring and repetitive, so i'm not sure what to think!


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    If you have an interest and aptitude for science this is a great course. You don't need to have studied Physics or Chemistry for Leaving Cert and Pass Maths is OK too.

    In first year you study Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths at an introductory level to get everyone on the same page.

    Medical Science in GMIT isn't like other science course in that it is more like 4 years training to become a Medical Scientist in a Hospital Laboratory.

    However, people who felt hospital labs weren't for them have gone on to work in Pharmaceutical labs, Research, Post Grad Medicine or further study (Masters and PhD).

    I did this course. I work in a hospital lab and I love it.

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