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Interpreting Water Test Results



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    Yup, thought so!

    That tank is now amusing my niece and nephew down in Galway, still running fine (don't think the bulb has even been changed since your ownership!)

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    Thanks for the offer dude. It's just so disheartening that I can't manage to keep a couple of fish in a tank without them dying within a week. It shouldn't be this hard!

    It really has made me feel like packing it in and has almost put me off going the 60l route.

    Hi, don't get disheartened!

    Guppies can be hard to keep as they have been in bred a lot and they tend have poor genetics. It is very possible that the shop that you got them from might have used a not so great wholesaler.

    Saying that there might be something up with your you water/tank. So keep at it and don't give's such a rewarding hobby

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    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    What do you suggest to do with the tank. I've just left it running since all the fish died a couple of weeks ago.
    Anything worth checking with the tank etc?


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    Ok we can do this!

    Check list:
    Heater on set to 25oC (plugged in constantly, 25oC is a general good temp for most tropical fish)
    Filter on (plugged in constantly)
    Airstone and air pump on (plugged in constantly)
    Lights set to come on for 6/8 hours a day (not needed for fish but lets get things off on the right foot)
    API test kit
    Tap water treatment

    Did the dead fish have any spots or fuffy bits?

    Can you test now and show us your ammonia,nitrite and nitrate readings (make sure you shake the api bottles ALOT before use).Leave a pic if you can.

    Can you post a pic of the sponges etc inside your filter?

    Do you have a thermometer, even though the heater is set st a certain temp that water might not actually be at that temp.

    The one other thing to be considered is your water hardness. If your local fish shop does that test, it might be no harm. But in general do you have hard of soft water? Is your tap connected to a water softener?

    Go though that list and lets see where we are:)