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Skinny guy muscle gain



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    Brian? wrote: »
    I'm not and never claimed to be. I'm not lean. But that's irrelevant here. Why is my advice no help to the OP? He needs to eat a calorie surplus to gain weight, I'm just saying it doesn't have to be a seefood diet. He can eat good quality food and gain weight. What approach do you think he should take?

    OK I may have been a bit OTT. In an ideal world your approach is perfect, in reality he will struggle to eat 3000 calories of anything daily so may as well do it with something manageable. Going into it headfirst with clean food is bound to result in failure and then he'll give up.

    I don't know man. Clean food is equally delicious as crap food to me. Buttered steaks and eggs with spuds. All wholefoods. All seriously good.


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    Before people give nutrition advice it should be noted that it will take sometime for the OP to actually start training properly/correctly. It's the same for everyone who starts in the gym, unless the OP is lucky enough to have a gym buddy who will plan out and push him through sessions. It's just a natural thing for intensity and work capacity to be very limited when one goes from couch to gym. Then factor in mobility issues and leaning form.

    So i wouldn't be keen to advise the OP to start eating 3000 calories of ****e from day one.

    OP at your weight you clearly don't eat that much so you will have to force yourself to develop a habit of eating. This can be easily done by breaking down your day and normal meals. Keep your normal meals but just add something at each meal and don't over complicate things. So perhaps you have a bowl of cereal for breakfast well then add something simple such as a glass of milk or some toast and repeat this through the rest of your meals. At 56kg you do not need to eat 3000 calories

    But chocolate before the gym is goooood