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What lessons to book on first ski trip

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    I'm going on my first ski trip on Saturday to Soll in Austria (and I'm as excited as a puppy who has just seen his owners car pull up!). But I'm wondering about what ski lessons to go for.

    I have booked the beginner package where the first day you're just in a practice area - you don't even have a ski pass for that day. But I have gone for 3 lessons in the Stillorgan Ski centre since booking where I was doing quite well. I started the 3rd lesson trying to get the hang of parallel turning (and didn't have the hang of it by the end of the hour, but was getting better). They told me I was on level 4 there. And from the Soll ski schule website parallel turning seems to be level 4 on that too.

    But am I crazy to think of asking to go up a level? I've never skied on snow before so am conscious of looking like a prat for saying that I'm not a complete beginner.


  • I don't know what any of that means, my first time on the mountains I didn't take any instructors, just watched what everyone else was doing and somehow survived.. It's good that you're taking lessons but also do remember to have fun! Ask whatever level you want and don't worry too much about it if you struggle here or there. You can't learn to ski without falling a couple of times

  • You'll be moved to a differant level if they think you can do it.

    Staying in Soll myself from the 4th for a week but will be going to check out Fiberbrunn, Saalbach etc. maybe Kitzbuhel before heading to Maryhofen for another week.

    I do like Soll.

  • They'll decide what level you're at after looking at you for a bit. If you need to be moved up, they'll move you up.

    Is that stillorgan ski centre, the one with the rolling carpet? Man, I had a free pass for that last year. Went once, never again. Granted I've been skiing for years, and just couldn't get the feel of the carpet (it's very different to snow!).

    Sounds like it's worked for you though, so happy days! Enjoy your first ski. I didn't think I'd like it - but in two weeks, I'm going for my 14th ski trip. It's so addictive!

  • Cheers guys. Yes, it's that carpet threadmill yolk in Stillorgan. Everyone says that the actual snow is way easier so I thought that was encouraging too!

    Sure I'll go with the flow I suppose. There'll probably be loads of beginner classes with some worse than me and some better.

  • Never did any lessons before my 1st trip, the 1st morning me and another novice had lessons booked, I could reasonably comfortably Snowplough around the place end of that lesson, metup with the rest of our group the afternoon, who proclaimed the 2 of us were grand, and phucked us down a blue! Took us about 40mins to make it down, and it involved a crash every 30seconds, but but day 3 we were heading down black runs ha. You'll be grand.

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  • I e-mailed the lesson givers and said where I am and they said I could go into a beginner - intermediate if I want. I might try that. Cheers all!

  • Different places run it differently.
    My advice from where i've been, let them know you have a few days experience, they will watch you do a run and tell you what group to go into, If the put you in a beginners group and think you are too advanced for iit they will move you fairly quickly

  • One thing to note about group lessons is the class will only ever progress at the rate of the worst student. Don't be afraid to assert yourself and ask to be moved if you feel you are better or are being held up. Having a few words of German really helps as well.

  • Thanks for all the advice guys. I'm delighted to say I was in the right group. I'd say I was one of the weaker people in the low intermediate group at the beginning, but possibly slightly above average in the end. I'm so glad I did those lessons and was able to join that group. I'd have been incredibly frustrated in the beginner group. Especially at the end of the week when seeing all my friends go on an adventure and me hanging around Soll for another day.

    I can't wait for next year now to go and progress for another week. There was noticeable improvement every single day and if I can keep that up next week I'll be flying!

    By the end of the first week I was comfortable enough on the blues - still slowing right down to turn, but staying in control. I did a few reds, but I reckon I did the easy ones. I wouldn't get ahead of myself and say that I was comfortable on blues and reds quite yet!

  • You enjoyed it is the main thing.

    It is still supposed to be a holiday. :)

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